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Endpaper: Maya Jonas-Silver

The Evolution of Friendship

The Crimson’s former Managing Editor, Rebecca D. Robbins, complained to me about the typical structure of endpapers. “They’re all sad but beautiful,” she said.

Sever Gate

Sever Gate

A student walks by Sever Gate after Harvard Yard had been closed Monday afternoon. The University locked down the Yard after reports of explosives in four Harvard buildings.

On Kirkland Street

On Kirkland Street

Massachusetts State Police officers wait on Kirkland St. Monday afternoon after reports of explosives in four Harvard buildings. CORRECTION: Dec. 16, 2013: An earlier version of this caption incorrectly identified the street where the Mass. State Police were were waiting. In fact, it was Kirkland St.

Annenberg Police Meeting

Annenberg Police Meeting

Police authorities congregate in the basement of Annenberg Hall to discuss further actions around noon Monday.

In Annenberg
Breaking News

Gallery: Authorities Descend on Harvard Yard Amid Reports of Explosives


Five Ways TFs Can Stop Students from Attending Office Hours

As Benjamin Franklin famously (kind of) said, “at Harvard, nothing can be said to be certain, except lazy TFs and overeager students.” Whether because they’re struggling with an assignment or hoping to suck up to their grader, overeager students can regularly be found at TFs’ office hours. So for those lazy TFs out there, here are the top five ways to deter students from showing up when you’re just trying to get ahead on your dissertation and watch some Hulu.

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Admissions Blog

Welcome to The Harvard Crimson Admissions Blog

With this blog, The Crimson seeks to disseminate useful, unbiased, and accurate information about what, for some, will be the most important—and the most expensive—years of their lives.

Harvard in the City

City Council Rebukes Medical School’s Decision To Cut 31 Custodial Contract Jobs

The Cambridge City Council approved a resolution Monday evening “condemning” Harvard Medical School’s decision to cut 31 custodial contract jobs, joining a chorus of voices urging the University to reconsider the move.

Serving Up CVS
Food and Drink

Froyo Throwdown: A Case for CVS

Buy yourself a $5.79 pint, and you too will understand that CVS’s supremacy in the Square’s frozen yogurt market is undeniable.

Working in the Early Evening Heat

At Worksites Across Campus, Workers Cope with Scorching Temperatures

On a day in which temperatures hit 99 degrees in Boston, workers were out in full force Friday at Harvard’s Old Quincy and Old Leverett buildings.

My Big Fat Greek Frozen Yogurt
Food and Drink

My Big Fat Greek Frozen Yogurt

Old Glory, or at least a close equivalent, flies atop a mound of Ben and Jerry's Greek frozen yogurt.

Wanted: Sugar Baby for Harvard-Bound Son
Music Groups

Harvard Mom Seeks Sugar Baby To Have Sex with Her Son

A Philadelphia-area mom (or at least someone claiming to be one) posted on Craigslist on Tuesday, looking for a “cute young girl” to deflower her Harvard-bound son. In exchange, she will “make your financial issues disappear. ;)”

Harvard Square


Yogurtland patron Debbie Marujo exits the new frozen yogurt joint, chocolate and pistachio froyo in hand.

Clover is Closed
Food and Drink

Clover is Closed

Clover in Harvard Square is closed after possible ties to a salmonella outbreak in the area.

New IDs

A Makeover for the University ID

Debuting last Monday, Harvard's new IDs (bottom) feature a redesigned background, new fonts, and no printed expiration date.

Senior survey header
Front Feature

Class of 2015, By the Numbers

Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells 2015

On Campus

The Geography of Harvard Athletics

University Hall

Among Harvard’s Faculty, ‘Women Are Still Pioneers’