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On a Road

In the mountains behind the football stadium in Berkeley, Calif. lies a narrow dirt path that the students call Fire Trails.

In The Meantime

Back to School: Hitting the Books, 15 Years Later

Alina I. Lazar's story is in some ways circular—it begins and ends with books—but spliced in between are 12 years of a path that privileged on-the-ground action over words on a page.

Jenny Ye

Jenny Ye

When she arrived at Harvard, Ye was still hooked on local politics.


A New Movement

Benjamin L. DeVore ’15 wants to donate blood. He is young, healthy, and with a recent nationwide drop in donations, his blood could save lives. There’s only one problem: He is a gay man.

In The Meantime

Past Tense: Nabokov and Jakobson

“Gentlemen, even if one allows that he is an important writer, are we next to invite an elephant to be Professor of Zoology?”



On an anchored bobbing boat three guitarists from Bordeaux begin. The inside of the boat is small and packed with patrons in their twenties, gripping overpriced beers. They nod their heads to the folk onirique, looking vaguely bored but at ease.



I felt that somehow it would mean something if I knew Paris so well, that if I internalized its streets and buildings I could get at the cartography of its soul.

Summer Postcards 2012

A Family Affair

When we were younger it was the vacation we looked forward to all year. We crammed the car with suitcases, coolers, badminton sets, groceries, only a slot left for Mom to see out the back.



Victoria A. Baena ’14, a Magazine staff writer, is a history and literature concentrator in Mather House. Elle écrit ce qu’elle n’arrive pas à dire.


Talking Points

A friend recently tried explaining the difference between singing in French and in English.

In The Meantime


My grandmother recalls a long-ago trip and an afternoon café, where she and her husband were caught up in a mass of students protesting in the streets. There's no college football in Paris, said their expat friend and tour guide—this is what the students do instead.

In The Meantime

A Decade Ago, Another Occupation

The students affiliated with PSLM had hosted rallies; they had passed around petitions; they had lobbied for over four years, since the organization’s founding in 1997, in support of a “living wage” for Harvard’s workers. “A sit-in,” Elfenbein acknowledges, “is a pretty major scaling-up of tactics.” The Mass. Hall sit-in would last 21 days, garner the attention of CNN and The New York Times, and spark campus-wide debate: centered, at least among the students, more on the methods of radical activism than on its goals.


Dancing in the Street

Street performers must work among the surprises and hazards of the urban outdoors.


In Silence, Sounding Out the Words

It’s Monday night of the last week in October, and I am at a poetry reading.

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