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“Admission” Stars Apply Themselves

At a press conference in New York City, the director and stars of "Admission" answered questions about the filming and motivation of the upcoming movie.


Tori Amos Experiments With Classical Motifs

Amos maintains her trademark ethereal vocals and cryptic, pointed lyrics throughout “Night of Hunters,” yet also reaches beyond her established sound. The risks she takes are often successful, but some may be off-putting for those who are accustomed to her older work.

Summer Postcards 2011

Further than the Shredder

There comes a time, during a behind-a-desk internship in New York, when you realize that your only weekday exercise is the hurried walk back and forth from your desk to the shredder in the room next door.

Summer Postcards 2011

If You Can Make It There

Only a seasoned commuting professional can avoid the guy who will unapologetically elbow you in the arm every time he switches sections of the newspaper.


Preview: Making Art With Letters, Paper & Ink

Making Art With Letters, Paper & Ink


Conference Discusses Changes in Soldiers' Experiences

A two-day interdisciplinary conference that examined the changing experiences of soldiers in modern society was hosted by the Humanities Center last weekend.

Senior Portrait: David H. Miller '11
On Campus

David H. Miller ’11

The talented conductor and double bassist reflects on his Harvard career


Low Turn Quiet Grandeur Into Stirring Emotions

The songs are not laden with superfluous frills or overly dramatic lyrics: instead, simple melodies confidently stand on their own and make the album play like a laid-back, ten-movement symphony—a cohesive work in which all the songs fit firmly into a well-defined aesthetic structure.

Harvard Square

Students Vie For Coop Board Positions

When Harvard students walk into the Coop, their main concern tends to be the price of textbooks, but some students have taken a greater interest in the bookstore. Ten Harvard students are currently running to join the 34-member board of the Harvard Cooperative Society. Although the Board can't lower the price of books, many of the candidates hope to open the lines of communication between the Coop and the student body.

On Campus

OFA Brings Collaborative ‘Viewpointe’

The OFA’s “Dancers’ Viewpointe 11” exudes a sense of student collaboration

Faustus Preview
On Campus

Preview: Faustus

With actors splashing paint and navigating through water onstage, it’s safe to say that the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club’s (HRDC) version of Christopher Marlowe’s “Faustus” is anything but traditional.


Lupe Fiasco Sacrifices Originality on ‘Lasers’

“Lasers” brings nothing new to rap, and instead finds Lupe settling for uninspired albeit pleasant pop-influenced tracks with catchy hooks.

On Campus

Portrait of an Artist: Isabel Q. Carey '12

Isabel Q. Carey ’12 is the president of the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club (HRDC) and has been involved in an on-campus production every semester that she’s been at Harvard. As a member of the HRDC executive board, she also oversees more than 10 shows per semester.

On Campus

Shakira Brings Voice as Artist and Advocate to Cultural Rhythms

The Sanders stage hosts Shakira and 28 student groups during 2011’s Cultural Rhythms showcase

On Campus

Yeston Discusses ‘Nine,’ Fergie

A full house in Harvard Hall 201 on Tuesday, February 15 welcomed Yeston to Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 31: “American Musicals and American Culture,” taught by William Powell Mason Professor of Music Carol J. Oja.