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Speed for the RoboBee

Harvard Lab Builds New Robotic Insects

A new fabrication technique for creating robotic insects crawled out of the Harvard Microrobotics Laboratory this week.

Sciences Division

Biomedical Engineering Concentration Grows

Only in its second year of existence, the biomedical engineering concentration saw a 38 percent growth in the number of sophomore concentrators who declared this fall.

Student Groups

New Experiment Fund Launches

The Experiment Fund, a new seed-stage investment fund, officially launched Friday with the hopes of providing budding entrepreneurs with support and capital to build their startups.

Harvard in the City

Supercomputer Center ‘Topped Off’

University representatives and government officials gathered yesterday morning to celebrate the placing of the final steel beam on the structure of Massachusetts’s latest state-of-the-art research computing initiative.


Statistics Department Hopes to Continue Growth

With Wednesday's deadline for sophomore concentration declarations imminent, Harvard’s Statistics Department looks to continue an escalation that has seen the concentration expand from 5 to 50 concentrators since 2005.


Cooked Meat Provides More Energy

Research shows cooked meat provides substantially more energy than raw meat, highlighting inaccuracies in current food labeling methods.


Profs Advance 3D Imaging

A team of Harvard researchers led by Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Tobias Ritter developed a new chemical method that refines the capabilities of 3D internal bodily imaging.


Artery Visualization Gets to the Heart of the Matter

A team of Harvard researchers has developed a new arterial visualization tool that may result in quicker and more accurate diagnoses of heart disease.

Harvard in the City

Harvard Helps Build $168M Supercomputing Facility

Harvard is taking another stride in revolutionary computing by participating in the development of the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center, a state-of-the-art research computing facility in Holyoke, Massachusetts.


Engineering the Perfect Intro Course

Even as CS50 continues to pull away from other introductory courses in enrollment figures—enrollment jumped from 494 last fall—its growth trends are not exclusive. Every introductory SEAS course has grown in the last two years.


Dan Shechtman Wins Nobel

Dan Shechtman, professor of materials science at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and the University of Iowa, spent years trying to convince the scientific community that his 1982 identification of alloys with crystal-like electron structures was not a huge blunder.

On Campus

Professors Skeptical of Faster-Than-Light Particle

The results of a recent physics experiment at the European Organization for Nuclear Research may pose the most direct challenge to Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity since its inception, holding the fate of modern physics in the balance.


LAB RAT OF THE WEEK: Richard Ebright ‘14

Richard Y. Ebright ’14 knew he wanted to conduct scientific research as soon as he arrived at Harvard.

Battle of the Berries
Student Life

Battle of the Berries

Pinkberry's arrival challenges Berryline’s monopoly on the frozen yogurt market.

Student Groups

Eleganza Goes Greek

The show, which took place at the Lavietes Pavilion, raised $5,000 for the local youth organization Teen Empowerment.