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Akua F. Abu

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Harvard Medical School

Exhibit Depicts Nazi Science

Nazi-era eugenics research and racial purification programs were depicted through images of child-subjects and a speech by a Holocaust survivor at yesterday’s opening of the exhibit “Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race.”

Student Groups

Bain Founder Shares Insights

Building up the skills for success in business is like getting married, according to serial entrepreneur George B. Bennett. “If ...


Two Juniors Earn Truman Scholarship

Two Harvard undergraduates were awarded the prestigious Harry S. Truman Scholarship.

On Campus

Skocpol Discusses Obama’s Start

The American political climate has undergone substantial changes since President Obama took office, Government Professor Theda R. Skocpol said in her Alexis de Tocqueville Lecture on American Politics last Friday.

Student Groups

Students “Come Out” as Feminists

College students across America “came out” as feminists yesterday, showing their support for women’s issues.

Interfaculty Initiatives

Professor Honored For Alzheimer’s Research

Harvard Psychology Professor Randy L. Buckner won the 2010 MetLife Foundation Award for Medical Research in Alzheimer’s Disease last Thursday for his research in brain imaging.

Harvard Square

Protesters Rally Against Gaddafi

“Our people are dying,” said a young woman waving the Libyan flag to a passerby in Harvard Square yesterday. “Save Libya!”