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On Campus

Critic Touré Reveals Prince's Religious Roots

Touré delved into how Prince’s background and influences shaped his distinctive image and how his persona captured the imagination of Generation X.

House Life

Houses Cultivate Community Spirit Through Service

The joint venture, called Harvard College Serves, is in its first year and hopes to introduce freshmen to the communities of their newly assigned Houses through public service initiatives.

Dinner at the Co-op
On Campus

This Spring Break, a Few Kitchen Mishaps

When Professor of Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics Michael P. Brenner debuted his "Science and Cooking" course in September 2010, 600 students showed up to the opening lecture, forcing the course to be lotteried. Harvard's enthusiasm for cooking hasn't diminished, but it seems like certain freshmen could still use a few lessons.

Undergraduate Council

River Run To Be Watched by Police

Harvard University Police will be out in increased numbers to monitor underage drinking during River Run.

Strindberg Symposium
On Campus

Top Experts Explore Strindberg’s Work

Strindberg's work was explored through talks and readings at the Barker Center last Friday.


Chiddy Bang's "Breakfast" a Shoddy Frat-Rap Imitation

“Breakfast,” although occasionally catchy, is a purely disposable product, and its weak and repetitive songs fail to leave a lasting impression.

Visual Arts

Clashing Tones Confuse “Color” at ICA

The ICA's new exhibit, "Figuring Color: Kathy Butterly, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Roy McMakin, Sue Williams,” attempts to group four contemporary artists' works by color. The pieces are fascinating individually, but they feel disjointed in the exhibit.


Journey 2 the Hackneyed Nightmare

"Journey" proves painful as Director Brad Peyton bizarrely picks and chooses elements from three literary works.


Laid Bare

There is an impressive amount of art about sex at Harvard but much of it remains unseen.

On Campus

In January, 29 Garden Blooms

Students experiment with digital resources from YouTube to cell phones in the creative process.


Leonard Cohen's Self-Deprecating Brilliance

“Going Home” is powerful because of how thoroughly it subverts his image not only as a rock icon but also as a poet.


Portrait of ‘Czernopol’ Shortchanges Emotional Landscape

If novels were judged only by their evocation of place, 'An Ermine in Czernopol' would surely rank as one of the finest ever written.


Expert Warns of Defense Spending Cuts

National security expert Mackenzie Eaglen warned against drastic military spending cuts in a talk yesterday at the Institute of Politics.

On Campus

Tonsgard Brings Elegance to Everyday Ceramics

The ceramic artist and designer Christian S. Tonsgard is not one to put his work on a pedestal. For his ...

House Life

Pfoho Hosts Video Chat with Journalist in Kabul

Pforzheimer House journalist-in-residence John N. Bohannon held a video chat with Kabul-based journalist Mitch E. Sipus on Wednesday afternoon.