Bryan S. Erickson

Laverne Cox
On Campus

Laverne Cox and Transgender Representation

Cox's visibility has had notable ripple effects in the mainstream and has given Cox a platform from which she has been able to advocate for transgender women to tell their own stories

Cloud Nothings Promo

Hear Me Out: Cloud Nothings, "I'm Not Part of Me"

While “I’m Not Part of Me” is energetic and upbeat, it refrains from experimenting and showing a range of musical talent.

On Campus

THUD to End Semester with a Bang

A video of the ensemble performing this piece has been uploaded to YouTube along with recordings of many of their other performances since 2009. This video currently has over 70,000 views.

On Campus

'pool (no water)' Opens in Adams Pool Theatre

February 14-16, 8:00 p.m.


Harvard Capoeiristas Battle for Arts First

Harvard Capoeira Regional bring their unique style of Brazilian martial arts to Arts First.


'Tintin' Shows its Age Despite Dream Team

Instead of striking a balance between realistic animation and an idealistic plot, "The Adventures of Tintin" falters from age.


'the Devil's Fiddler' Burns Up the Stage

Roby Lakatos dazzled the audience at Sanders on Friday


Drake’s Piercing Introspection a Success on Latest

“Take Care” is a contemplative collection that, surprisingly, conveys its wisdom and insight more through the subtleties of Drake’s language than through its production.

Food and Drink

'Tis the Season To Eat Pumpkin

Here's a little taste of the pumpkin-flavored foods that Harvard Square has to offer.

Student Life

Protest To 'Occupy' Yard

Students and faculty members will protest the University’s investment policies and perceived biases in its economics courses at an “Occupy Harvard” rally in Harvard Yard Wednesday night.


Confounding ‘Rum Diary’ Lacks Coherence

“The Rum Diary” had the potential to be a lasting tribute to a literary folk hero. But instead, it plays more like a meandering, inconsistent assemblage of references and imitations of Hunter S. Thompson’s style.

On Campus

Portrait of an Artist: Matthew M. Lombardo and Charles L. Busch

Award-winning playwrights and friends Matthew M. Lombardo and Charles L. Busch were a dynamic pair in their lecture last Friday ...

Copley Square Book Festival

A Boston Bustling with Books

Book lovers of all kinds gathered this Saturday at the Boston Book Festival.


Preview: Affordable Rates and Color TV

The playwright and director, Andy J. Boyd ’14, used his own childhood living in Phoenix, Ariz. as inspiration to set the play in the more desperate parts of the American Southwest, areas made progressively more irrelevant by the decline of Route 66.

On Campus

Lerman Translates Artistic Process to Public Arena

Lerman brings interdisciplinary focus to Harvard students and Arts @ 29 Garden




I Am Not at a Cafe


Away in Argentina

Land of Fog

Land of Fog