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Exploring the Sculptures of Harvard

Chances are you don’t always stop and examine the many outdoor works of art we have around Harvard. But the ...

Miley Cyrus

A Sampling of

Ah, music. Our comfort, our solace, our aural version of macaroni and cheese. We're always listening, but how often do we stop and really think about what our favorite songs mean? Think back to the last time you were working on a paper at 4:30 a.m. and suddenly listening to Miley Cyrus seemed like a good idea. Did you stop and think about what went through her head as she sang about her fabled cardigan that she inexplicably wore as she partied in the U.S.A.? If not, let the internet do the job for you. Compiled below are some particularly profound interpretations of various songs from


Reader Redux: Building up the ‘Library of Babel’

Natalie Chang describes the meaning behind her favorite book, "Library of Babel."


Cop Thriller is a Satisfying ‘Watch’

Even though "End of Watch" features number of violent scenes, it's the bond created between Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña that truly sticks.

On Campus

Bacchanalian Designs

The SOCH renovations raise questions about what influences where Harvard students choose to spend the dark hours of their Saturday nights.


After Successful Debut, The xx Run Into Sophomore Slump

However, the band’s forays outside its comfort zone and into dance music are much less successful.

Body of Work
On Campus

‘Body of Work’ Breaks Down Body Image

‘Body of Work’ features both student and professional art work concerning eating disorders and self-perception


Students Debate "Occupy Harvard" in IOP Forum

Undergraduates found an official forum to discuss "Occupy Harvard's" effectiveness and long term goals on Thursday night at the Institute of Politics


Apparel for The Game

Apparel for The Game

Apparel for The Game

We've done some scouting and come up with six shirts that are currently on sale for the upcoming Game on ...


At Talk, Gopnik Jests About Food, Literature

Adam Gopnik has bad news for multi-taskers.

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Canny Acting Drives Poignant ‘Youth’

Ultimately, though, it is the actors who convincingly display the tension between the fear of being unremarkable and an inability to take action.


‘Anonymous’ is an Overdone Spectacle

Shakespeare’s works themselves play a rather limited role in Emmerich’s account of their genesis. More prevalent are plotlines concerning hunchbacks, illegitimate children, incest, various rebellions, and a vigorous medieval form of indoor tennis. Does all this sound bewildering? It is.

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Portrait of an Artist: Lisa Randall ’84

Lisa Randall ’84, the Frank B. Baird, Jr. Professor of Science, studies theoretical particle physics and cosmology in the Physics ...


Music Sparks Discourse at Occupy Boston

Informal stage in Dewey Square hosts a diverse range of performances

Eldo Kim

News Analysis: Could Eldo Kim Return to Harvard?

Protestors on Mass Ave

Seen and Heard: Harvard's March Through Cambridge

Track and Cross Country

Decorated Thrower Looks To Continue Success


Reconstruction 3.0