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McEwan's Latest a Complex Metanarrative

McEwan devotees will see a similarity between the endings of “Sweet Tooth” and that of “Atonement,” but McEwan does not pull off “Sweet Tooth” as gracefully as he finished “Atonement.”


In the event that you survive the apocalypse on December 21, 2012, look out for...

10 things to live for in the new year

Elizabeth Warren Visits Staff

Exit Polls: Elizabeth Warren for PAF

As Harvard undergraduates exited the polls today, there was one resounding consensus: Elizabeth Warren would make a better PAF than Scott Brown. Ninety percent of student voters who spoke with Flyby after casting their ballots today said they would trust Warren over Brown to show them the ropes of freshman life. Here are a few other things we learned from Flyby's exit polls.


'Back to Blood' A Flat Portrayal of Urban Idiosyncracies

In “Back to Blood,” Tom Wolfe tries to represent modern American life and the difficulty of maintaining distinct cultures in a rapidly homogenizing city. He ends up, however, betraying his age and separation from pop culture in awkward prose and word choices that are distracting from the central story.


Vitamins May Not Help HIV Patients

HSPH researchers asserted in a study that high doses of multivitamins may have adverse side effects for HIV patients.


Sing-a-long Brunch Honors Former Director of Hillel

A brunch at Hillel on Sunday honored the center's former director, Rabbi Ben-Zion, with a sing-a-long to his new CD.

Sciences Division

George Church Visits Colbert

On Thursday, Harvard Medical School Professor of Genetics George M. Church appeared on "The Colbert Report" with 20 million copies of his new book, co-authored with Ed Regis, in his front jacket pocket (don't worry, it's a DNA trick!). The book is called "Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves," and according to Colbert, it may contain information that "will eventually destroy all of mankind." In reality, the book is actually about the many possibilities presented by synthetic biology, one of which is digital information storage in DNA.


Stein Fictionalizes Story of Fraudulent Holocaust Memoir

In Benjamin Stein’s novel “The Canvas,” translated from German by Brian Zumhagen, readers are met by not one, but two unreliable narrators—Amnon Zichroni and Jan Wechsler—each eager to take the story in their own direction.


No Room for Rebuke in Occupy Play Premiere

A new one-man play about Occupy Boston uses interviews and first-person accounts to paint a vivid and unique portrait of last years protests.

Student Groups

Future Society Meets To Discuss Human Existence

Members of the Future Society discussed advanced technology, artificial intelligence, and the future of their group in the club’s first meeting of the school year on Friday.


Cheating and Regret at Forefront of Díaz’s Latest

Is a cheating man incapable of love? Yunior of “This Is How You Lose Her” will always cheat, but he will always love the women he cheats on.

Summer Postcards 2012


Visual Arts

Broadway Revival of "Death of a Salesman" Wins Over Critics and Audiences

Arts summer columnist Virginia R. Marshall shares with us the dramatic adventure that is Mike Nichols' Broadway revival of "Death of a Salesman"


A Broadway Hidden Gem - "Newsies"

"Newsies" is a little-known musical based on the 1992 live-action Disney movie that was essentially ignored for 10 years as a box office failure until its stage adaption by Disney Theatrical Productions in 2011. The musical debuted on Broadway in March after a run at the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey.

Summer Postcards 2012

Foreigners in Ethiopia

“Forengi” is the word for “foreigner” here, something I learned when I heard a few locals say it to me on the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It’s not an insult; the people are merely pointing out that I look different, and I am indeed from another country.