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Visual Arts

Absence of Color, Not Absence of Style

‘Manet in Black’ reveals a lesser-known side of Edouard Manet’s traditionally colorful artwork

On Campus

Paine’s Performance Potential Restored

The newly renovated Paine Music Hall features updated practice rooms, new lighting, and air conditioning.


Mediocre ‘War’ Fights Losing Battle

'This Means War' provides one good character and a jumbled-up spy thriller plot that thrills no one.


of Montreal Gets Personal and Experimental on Latest Release

Front man Kevin Barnes’s emotional sincerity adds a fiery depth that was not present in much of their past work. “Paralytic Stalks” is driven by this depth and reaffirms of Montreal’s creative genius while providing a glimpse into Barnes’s beautiful, troubled soul.

On Campus

Generalist Makes Participants Performers

The Harvard Generalist, a new arts collective on campus, aims to challenge traditional performance styles with its installations.


Diplomat Analyzes E.U. Foreign Policy

Increasing coordination between European Union member states and other countries will create a stronger future for the EU, said Richard.


Seven Beautiful Songs for Winter

Taking as inspiration snow and its many connotations and associations, Bush has produced a uniquely remarkable album, with style, content, and structure at once fascinating and beautiful, yet strange and somewhat inaccessible.


Expanding Education Gap Linked to Income Inequality

New research on inequality in education indicates that over the past 30 years, increased disparity in family income levels has resulted in unequal educational attainment for students.


Hutchins’ Simple Complexity

Jessica Jackson Hutchins' first solo exhibit is a collection of intriguing artworks created from simple materials.

On Campus

Shapiro Joins Artists in French Order of Merit

Norman R. Shapiro ’51 honored as Officer in the French Order of Arts and Letters for his translative work


‘Blackthorn’ a Worthy Retelling of a Classic Tale

With strong performances, a deft screenplay and engrossing cinematography, the movie stands as a solid work of filmmaking, regardless of whether or not it faithfully adheres to its source material.

Visual Arts

‘Dance/Draw’ Bravely Blurs Art Divide

The ICA's new exhibit explores the relation between performance and visual art.


Mariachi Véritas Joins Fiesta in San José Debut

This year, Mariachi Véritas de Harvard, Harvard’s student mariachi band, is traveling for the first time to San José, California ...


Laura Marling Bewitches on “A Creature I Don’t Know”

On “Creature,” Laura Marling displays her talent at crafting poignant yet abstract lyrics, an eagerness to experiment beyond her traditional folk comfort zone with a variety of genre influences, and stunning vocals that fully accommodate her expansive emotional range.