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The New FAS Librarian

Recently Appointed Harvard Library Vice President To Also Head FAS Libraries

In her new role as FAS Librarian, Sarah E. Thomas will take the reins of libraries that fall under FAS, such as the Harvard College Library.

Endowment 2013

Harvard Endowment Rises to $32.7 Billion

The returns, which apply to fiscal year 2013, mark vast improvement from the previous fiscal year, during which the endowment’s value declined slightly to $30.7 billion.

Money Talks

With Faculty Superstars and a Famous Dropout, Harvard Launches Capital Campaign’s Public Phase

An afternoon packed with star-studded events for Harvard’s alumni and donors kicked off the public phase of Harvard’s potentially record-breaking capital campaign on Saturday.

A Record-Breaking Target

Harvard Campaign Aims To Raise Record-Breaking $6.5 Billion

The University has already raised $2.8 billion in donations and pledges from more than 90,000 supporters in the fundraising drive’s quiet phase.

University Finances

University Prepares for Capital Campaign's Public Launch

University alumni and donors from around the world are flocking to the Square this weekend to celebrate Saturday’s public launch of The Harvard Campaign—widely predicted to be the largest fundraising drive in University history.

Central Administration

Newly Created Vice Provost Position To Oversee edX, HILT

Chinese history professor Peter K. Bol will assume the newly created position of Vice Provost for Advances in Learning, University Provost Alan M. Garber ’76 announced in an email to Harvard faculty on Monday morning.


5 Questions You’ve Got About Larry Summers, Answered

You've probably heard by now that Former University President Larry Summers has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Chairmanship of the Federal Reserve. But you may be wondering why so many people at Harvard care, or perhaps you're just curious about what the Fed Chair does, anyway. You shouldn't have to ask those questions out loud, so Flyby's asked them for you here; and better yet, we've provided answers.

Bowing Out of the Race

Summers Withdraws His Name from Consideration for Fed Chair

The former University President shared his decision with President Obama in a phone call on Sunday, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Undergraduate Council

Harvard Administration Secures Donor for Campus Center

University President Drew G. Faust said the donor's name will be revealed in an announcement later this fall.

State of the University
University Finances

Faust Charts Course Through ‘Stormy Seas’ as The Harvard Campaign Approaches

In a speech Tuesday, the University President conveyed a mixed outlook for higher education, describing both the challenges and opportunities facing Harvard.

School of Public Health

House Committee Issues Subpoenas Demanding Access to HSPH Study Data

The Committee may eventually demand that Harvard release data from a study that has been used to justify nearly two decades of Environmental Protection Agency regulations on air pollution.

Student Life

Freshman Survey Part I: Meet Harvard's Class of 2017

Men in Harvard’s incoming Class of 2017 expect to earn far more money after graduation than their female classmates expect to earn, according to a Crimson survey of the freshman class that arrived on campus last week.


Summers Likely To Be Federal Reserve Chairman Nominee, CNBC Reports

With the term of current chair Ben S. Bernanke ’75 drawing to a close, former University president Larry Summers is likely to be nominated as the next Federal Reserve chairman, a source close to the Obama administration told CNBC last week.

Drew Faust

After Scandal, Faust Sets Forth Interim Protocols for Email Searches

The interim protocols require searches of Harvard email accounts to be thoroughly recorded and approved by an accountable administrator.

College Administration

Smith Believes He Opened Email Detailing Search He Has Claimed No Knowledge Of

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith said through a spokesperson Wednesday that he believes he opened but did not closely read an email detailing plans for a controversial search that he has said and continues to maintain he had no knowledge of until six months after it was conducted.