Reina A.E. Gattuso

Eleganza 13

Harvard Struts the Runway

The largest, oldest, and perhaps most renowned fashion show on Harvard’s campus, Eleganza is a high-budget and highly-organized production. Its roots in a cultural and arts organization are apparent in the ethnic diversity of its models and highly theatrical style of its performance—an aesthetic which has gained the show both criticism and accolades over the years.

Harvard in the World

Harvard Discovers The Secret to (Educated, Male) Happiness

Apparently, Oprah is right: "Happiness is love." Or so says George E. Vaillant '55, director of the Harvard-based Grant Study, which has followed 268 Harvard men over 75 years in one of the longest longitudinal studies of its kind.

Student Groups

Seersucker Under Legal Fire—Prepare for the Worst

In a recent threat to garden parties everywhere, Missouri State Senator Ryan McKenna, a Democrat, proposed an amendment to his state's constitution that threatened destroy spring party season as we know it.

Mira Nair

The Fundamental Mira Nair

“I wanted to recomplicate what is so reductive, what has been so reductive and so simple: the bad guys and the good guys,” filmmaker Mira Nair ’79 says. I’m sitting with Nair and two other journalists in a conference room at the Charles Hotel, discussing Nair’s new film, “The Reluctant Fundamentalist,” which comes out in May. “I wanted very much to have that complexity of the human being in both characters—not just two countries, not two flags, but two real people.”


Sexual Assault at Harvard

Harvard is currently conducting an ongoing review of its sexual assault policies across its various schools and has recently hired its first ever University-wide Title IX coordinator, who begins work this month. Still, some students feel that these efforts are not enough. They say that changes in the way administrators handle cases of sexual assault at the College level are progressing too slowly, and are not sufficiently responsive to student concerns.


Diet Soda

The only beverage available in chemo is ginger ale, and it is diet.

Phil Z. Yao
Fifteen Most Interesting

Phillip Z. Yao

Phillip Z. Yao ’13 has built a library that may reach over two million students.

Undergraduate Council

A Growing Movement: Students Aim to Change Culture and Policies Surrounding Sexual Assault on Campus

3,066. That’s the number of students—85 percent of those who voted in the latest UC election—who agreed with the UC referendum asserting that Harvard should reexamine its sexual assault practices and policies.

In The Meantime

Just Once

One time I knew what life was for, in Cambridge along the Charles.

For The Moment

A Close Reading For the Social Media Age

FM is here to find (or construct) meaning for the conventions of these destabilizing times.

Ice Hockey Players
In The Meantime

It Takes Two: Michelle L. Picard ’15 and Lyndsey B. Fry ’14

Lyndsey B. Fry ’14 and Michelle L. Picard ’15 have been playing hockey for most of their lives—and this November, they’ll be playing together for the U.S. National Women’s team at the Four Nations Cup in Finland.


Valiendo la Pena: Latino Students and the Struggle for Space

Harvard was missing something. Surrounded by peers at the annual Latino Ivy League Conference in Ithaca last November, Daniel J. Artiga ’15 came to this realization: As students active in the Latino community described the resources provided on their respective campuses, he had little to add.

For The Moment

Ig Nobel Predictions (Hey, Todd Akin)

FM predicts winners deserving of this year's prize.

In The Meantime

The Word: Punch

I punched my sister in the face. I was about six years old, old enough to know better, but in my defense she was old enough to have learned to block. I promise the tooth that ended up falling out of her mouth was a baby tooth. I remember blood. I don’t think I’ve punched anyone since.


8 AM: Bros, Overheard

It’s Friday morning ,time for the ’Berg and breakfast near bros.




I Am Not at a Cafe


Away in Argentina

Land of Fog

Land of Fog