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Ig Nobel Predictions (Hey, Todd Akin)

FM predicts winners deserving of this year's prize.

In The Meantime

The Word: Punch

I punched my sister in the face. I was about six years old, old enough to know better, but in my defense she was old enough to have learned to block. I promise the tooth that ended up falling out of her mouth was a baby tooth. I remember blood. I don’t think I’ve punched anyone since.


8 AM: Bros, Overheard

It’s Friday morning ,time for the ’Berg and breakfast near bros.

Love It/Hate It: Hawaiian Shirts
Student Life

Hate It: Hawaiian Shirts

Cargo shorts, by the way, are for virgins. So why do you insist on besmudging our community’s street cred by donning the main accoutrement of the middle-aged dad?

Summer Postcards 2012

Toward Land

I picture a Silk Road of plastic light-up toys stretching from Rome to the Pacific, miles and miles of dusty traders handing them off one by one.

Summer Postcards 2012

Salsa Night in Anatolia

We stay home in the sleepy heat of midday and go out as the air cools in the evening to buy Ramadan pita, eating it before it gets humidity-sweaty, not waiting for Iftar, butter on our hands.

Summer Postcards 2012

Tropes and Casinos

There is a craftsmanship to their neck sinews I can only see now as they crane their necks as children might, when looking at a sky of stars.

In The Meantime

The Ink-smudged Diaries of Adrienne Rich

You can find Rich’s archives at Schlesinger library, in the same Yard where she attended class. Her many papers and diaries, ink-smudged, doodled-on, and worn, reveal a personal evolution as radical as that of her poetics.

In The Meantime

Modern Love: In Binary

A few months into the school year, I got a phone call from my aunt. “Matthew’s standing at the door,” she said. “He has his shoes and coat on. Listen to what he’s saying.” I heard the static as she moved the phone from her face to his.


Chatting with Recent Admits

Remember the moment you got into Harvard? Of course you do. And, as jaded as you may be—or pretend to be—, it's always fun to relive the magic with the College's newest crop of admitted students. Flyby caught up with a couple of them to talk about exorbitant Facebook friending, awkward questions, and weeping puppies.

Pforzheimer Pfoho House Flyby Image
House Life

Introducing Pfoho Croquet...The Sequel to Pfoho Golf

For those Flyby readers interested in English lawn games, prepare to be disappointed: Pfoho Croquet will not involve any actual mallets or wickets.

On Campus

New REP Blog

Want to procrastinate online, but feel like you're wasting time? The Harvard Resource Efficiency Program (REP)'s new blog is procrastination with a purpose.

For The Moment

Scoped!: Brandon J. Ortiz '12

Sexiest physical trait: Let’s just say, when I lay out, I burn. And when I burn, I peel. And when I peel, everything peels.

In The Meantime

An Archival History of Women’s Education at Harvard

In paper soft with age and still crisp from the printer, in cursive loops and cartridge-ink, they tell their stories.

On Campus

Advising Fortnight Menu

Advising Fortnight began this evening with a kick-off event in Annenberg. The next two weeks promise a plethora of events catered to (and catered for) freshman eager for wisdom about concentrations (and cupcakes). With pithy, often alliterative, food-oriented titles, the department workshops are aimed to help freshmen gauge their academic interests. Acknowledging the overstimulated and chronically indecisive nature of this generation, Flyby makes the concentration decision easy. Just go for the food.

GSD picture
Visual Arts

Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

django unchained scene
Visual Arts

Script Doctors

Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven


Freshman Survey Part III: Inside the Classroom and Out