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HLS Alum Joseph P. Kennedy III Considers Bid for Congress

Harvard Law School alumnus Joseph P. Kennedy III announced last week that he is considering a run for the Massachusetts congressional seat previously held by Barney Frank ’61-’62.


Professors Weigh In on Iowa Caucus Outcome

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney edged out fellow presidential hopeful Rick Santorum by just eight votes in Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses—a miniscule margin which Harvard professors said reflects dissatisfaction with the candidacy of presumed frontrunner Romney and internal division among Republicans.

School of Public Health

HSPH Professor Helps with Vermont Health Care Reform

HSPH Professor William C. Hsiao's research in Vermont is making some advocates of health care reform—and specifically of a single-payer model—hopeful that the reform effort in that state could serve as a model for other states.


Four Seniors Win Rhodes Scholarships

Four Harvard seniors have won the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship, the Rhodes Trust announced Saturday.

School of Public Health

HSPH Professor Assists in Vermont Reform

With federal health care reform remaining a hot-button issue, Vermont became the first state to establish a single-payer health care system in May that was based on a plan outlined by School of Public Health Economics Professor William C. Hsiao.

Student Life

Students Embrace Annenberg As Nighttime Hangout

Since the College extended the hours that Annenberg is open to students in mid-September, some freshmen say they have been taking advantage of the later hours.


John Blum, Former Harvard Corporation Member, Dies at 90

Former Harvard Corporation Fellow and famed presidential biographer John M. Blum ’43 died Oct. 17 from complications with pneumonia at his home in Branford, Conn.


Professors Bat Around America's Pastime

Sporting various baseball caps, six Harvard professors showed off the lighter side of the General Education Program Tuesday night by presenting different academic aspects of baseball.


Oscar Handlin, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Harvard Historian, Dies at 95

During a career that spanned well over 50 years, Handlin earned a reputation as one of the most influential historians in the United States.


Study Finds Correlation Between Belief in God and Cognitive Style

There exists a correlation between an individual’s belief in God and his or her cognitive style, suggests a study by Harvard researchers published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General on Monday.