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Faculty Meeting Focuses on Online Education and Gender Imbalance

A month after administrators announced to a packed University Hall that the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences would move to Allston, Tuesday’s Faculty Meeting was comparatively uneventful, with few attendees and fewer announcements.

On Campus

As Parents Descend, Juniors Tidy Up Their Rooms

Juniors across the College have dedicated time this week to hiding unwanted messes and unflattering alcohol containers in advance of their parents’ arrival for Junior Parents Weekend.


With Federal Cuts Looming, University Researchers Say Outlook Is Gloomy

Some agencies have already reduced grant totals in advance of unprecedented federal spending cuts scheduled to take effect Friday, forcing labs across the University to proactively trim costs and refocus their research. At the same time, administrators have begun the process of reorienting the way the University solicits funding.


Lue Named First Faculty Director of the Bok Center

Biology professor of practice Robert A. Lue was named the first Faculty Director of the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning Thursday, a sign of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ increased emphasis on innovative teaching, both in person and online.

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Medical Leaders Say Federal Cuts will Hurt Research

Enumerating the developments and cures made possible by federal sponsorship, medical researchers warned that a roughly five percent cut to all non-military programs would be devastating to Boston’s hospitals and universities—including Harvard.


IOP Studies the Millennial Generation

Today’s young Americans ages 18 to 29 are more politically active than young people of the recent past, according to an ambitious new study co-sponsored by Harvard’s Institute of Politics.


Faculty Members Take Home Lessons from Scandal

The week after Harvard made an announcement intended to put to rest its largest cheating investigation in recent memory, faculty members said they need to do a better job communicating course expectations to students and laying down the groundwork for academic honesty at a time when technology is blurring the lines of right and wrong.

Snowfall in Boston

Weekend Storm Could Be 'Historic'

If meteorologists are correct, this weekend’s forecasted superstorm could potentially blanket Harvard Yard with more than two feet of snow, and in one blustery white swoop, Cambridge would receive roughly half of its average annual snowfall.


Freshman Formal Postponed!

Freshmen who had not yet grown accustomed to life at Harvard were made a little more so Wednesday evening when they learned their formal dance, previously scheduled for Friday, had been postponed. The cause: a blizzard. Yes, that's right, a blizzard. Forty-five mile per hour winds, feet of snow, near zero visibility—the works. (An Act of God, you ask? Probably not this time, but only time will tell.)


Faculty Meeting To Discuss Cheating Scandal

Professors and administrators will discuss the Government 1310 cheating scandal at their monthly Faculty Meeting Tuesday, according to faculty members who have received the meeting agenda.


More Than 30 Injured in Bus Crash Following Trip to Harvard

A charter bus carrying 42 passengers en route to the Philadelphia area crashed around 7:30 p.m. Saturday as it attempted to pass under the Western Avenue Bridge in the eastbound lanes of Soldiers Field Road. As many as 35 passengers, many of them high school students who had toured Harvard earlier in the day, were hospitalized with several sustaining serious injuries Saturday night.

Donald F. Hornig '40

Former Brown University President Passes Away

Donald F. Hornig ’40 advised presidents, led Brown University through turbulent years of protest, and helped to design and then detonate the first atomic bomb.

John Huey

HKS Announces Spring Shorenstein Fellows

CNN political reporter Peter Hamby, former TIME Inc. editor-in-chief John Huey, and four other prominent figures in journalism and politics will spend the semester on campus as spring fellows at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics, and Public Policy, the Kennedy School announced Monday.