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FAS Administration

CSU Administrator Named Dean of Division of Continuing Education

Huntington D. Lambert, the head of continuing education at Colorado State University and one of the leading voices in online education, will become the next dean of Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith announced in an email to faculty members Thursday.

Warren at the Polls

Former Harvard Law Professor Sworn In

Former Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren took the oath of office at noon Thursday, becoming the first woman to ever serve Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate.


After Fiscal Deal, Funding Cuts Still Loom for Harvard

Congressional lawmakers reached an eleventh-hour deal late Tuesday to avert the so-called fiscal cliff, largely postponing what will likely be far-reaching spending cuts expected to cost Harvard and other research universities millions of dollars in federal sponsorship.


Harvard Braces for Decline in Federal Funding

As Washington lawmakers scramble to reach a last-minute budget deal before the end of the year, Harvard and other research universities are bracing for what would be the most dramatic cut in federal research funding in recent history.


Kerry Nomination Expected To Trigger Special Election

If confirmed as Secretary of State, John F. Kerry will replace outgoing Secretary Hillary R. Clinton and resign his senior U.S. Senate seat, triggering a special election in Massachusetts by as early as this summer.

Harvard Law School

Law School Professor To File Brief on DOMA Case

Just days after the U.S. Supreme Court announced that it would weigh in on two important cases addressing same-sex marriage, it has asked Harvard Law School professor Vicki C. Jackson to argue that the court does not actually have the authority to hear one of those cases.

Elizabeth Warren Visits Staff

Warren To Be On Banking Committee

Big banks and their army of lobbyists better watch out. News outlets reported Tuesday morning that U.S. Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren, a former Harvard Law School professor and champion of the liberal left, will likely be appointed to the Senate Banking Committee when she takes office in January.

Harvard in the City

Cambridge Plunged Into Darkness As Power Fails

Much of Harvard slipped into darkness for nearly two hours Thursday afternoon, resulting in the cancellation of classes and events, disruption of internet access, and the relocation of hundreds of students to the Science Center and the Quad, where power remained on.

On Campus

Power Is Back

Shortly after 6 p.m. power came back after nearly two hours in the dark.

Food and Drink

Where to Find Food in the Dark

With power still out and students getting hungry, Harvard University Dining Services is offering partial meals and directing students to Quad dining halls, a HUDS chef said Thursday afternoon.

Central Administration

Tufts Dean To Assume VP Role

Tufts University administrator Leah Rosovsky ’78 will assume the role of vice president for strategy and programs at Harvard beginning in January, University President Drew G. Faust announced Tuesday.

State Politics

Massachusetts Election Results

On Tuesday, the Massachusetts Secretary of State certified what most people around the country already knew: the Bay State is weird. Even as the rest of the country showed near-record apathy on Election Day, Massachusetts voters came out in record numbers.



Elizabeth Warren was elected as Massachusetts’ as Massachusetts’ new senator earlier this month, but former Senator Scott Brown won 51% of the vote at the polls in South Boston. In 2010, Brown got 56% of the votes in South Boston.


After Election, South Boston Remains Swing Area

BOSTON—Matt Leduc is a registered Independent. Sitting on his front stoop while awaiting a ride to the Patriots tailgate, Leduc, like many in South Boston, said he leans Democratic but votes both ways. In the hotly contested U.S. Senate race between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown, that meant supporting Brown.

Kerry Congratulates Warren

Another Special Election for MA?

Massachusetts may still be hung over from the exhausting U.S. Senate race that concluded last week, but pundits have already ...