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Fifteen Questions

15 Questions with Ian Frazier

Ian A. Frazier ’73 has always had a knack for humor. Now a writer for The New Yorker, he has multiple publications under his belt: essay collections, humor books, nonfiction pieces. His latest novel, “The Cursing Mommy’s Book of Days”, brought Frazier back to Cambridge last week for a talk at the Harvard Book Store. Fifteen Minutes sat down with him to talk about childhood pranks, finding a voice, and his time at a porn magazine.

Frank Rich and Fran Lebowitz
In The Meantime

It Starts With a Drag: The Friendship of Frances A. Lebowitz and Frank Rich '71

You could call it a match made in heaven, if either of them believed in such a place. At her ...


Sonal R. Shah

In this mini-series, Flyby profiles one of the seven fall 2012 IOP Fellows each week. This week: Sonal R. Shah. You may have seen IOP fellow Sonal R. Shah around campus at Harvard sporting events as she indulges her passion for all things athletic. But you can also join Shah in another setting this semester; every Thursday from 4 to 5:30 p.m. her study group meets in room L166 at the IOP.

IOP Fellow Mark D. McKinnon

Mark D. McKinnon

In this mini-series, Flyby will profile one of the seven fall 2012 IOP Fellows each week. This week: Mark D. McKinnon. The first thing you might notice about IOP Fellow Mark D. McKinnon is his sense of style. From his trademark cowboy hat and panuelo scarf, the man who was President George W. Bush's communications strategist stands out in a world of plain black suits.

Evening with Champions 2012
Student Groups

Stars, Students Skate for Cancer Fund

An Evening with Champions, a Eliot House-based charity event that raises money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Jimmy fund, celebrated its 42nd anniversary with star-studded list of competitive skaters this weekend.


Photographer Chronicles Antarctic Journey

“For the next 45 minutes, I am going to take you on a journey south,” said Chris A. Linder, photographer and author of Science on Ice: Four Polar Expeditions.

The Prep School Negro

Director Discusses "The Prep School Negro"

At a screening of the documentary “The Prep School Negro” on Wednesday night, students, faculty members, and the film’s director Andre Robert Lee discussed the questions of race, class, and the ivory tower.

In The Meantime

: Broken Silence

And yet, we still go back to Wellington, where we leave a broken silence, our broken silence, atop the swings, our swings.


7 AM: Daybreak on the Charles

September 7, 7:00 a.m. The sun had just risen from its nighttime slumber, and while most college students were hours away from consciousness, I was traipsing down the banks of the Charles.

Quincy Swing Housing

Quincy Swing Housing

Everywhere you look around Harvard, signs of construction greet you. It's time to say "out with the old, and in with the new," as Quincy House renovates Old Quincy and moves some of its students to Dewolfe and apartment buildings. FM decided to check out swing housing in Hampden Hall and see how the apartments compare to normal dorms.

Summer Postcards 2012

The Lone Skyscraper

“Have you seen the new Devon building?” the man beside me on the airplane questions. I notice the pride in his voice as he points out of the window and into the approaching metro.

Summer Postcards 2012

Searching for the Carpincho

With beaver-like teeth and a slight resemblance to an overgrown gopher, carpinchos are not exactly what you would call cute.

Summer Postcards 2012


Summer Postcards 2012


Summer Postcards 2012

Finding My Place

With hundreds of clubs that don’t even open until 1 a.m., Buenos Aires has nightlife unlike any other city. Evenings for club-goers don’t peak until 3 or 4 a.m. and certainly don’t end until 5 a.m. or later.