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McAuley is Sole Marshall Scholar

James K. McAuley ’12 was the only Harvard student awarded a Marshall Scholarship this year.

Bus Jukebox
For The Moment

Jukebox: Bus Songs

With Harvard playing at Yale this weekend, the easiest method of transportation is by student-organized shuttles. We hope you’ll use this six-hours round-trip to better appreciate all things in, on, or around buses. Whether they inspire you, instruct you, or simply make the time go by faster, each of these songs will make the journey to and from America’s number one safety school a little bit better.


Gnome Sweet Gnome

Legend has it that a gnome lives in the tunnel between the Harvard Square and Central Square T stops. The statue is said to reside near an old abandoned T stop—a ghost station—that can still be seen from the Red Line trains. We found the gnome, and so can you.


Hidden in Plain View: History's Mark on Harvard Buildings

Many of Harvard's most interesting architectural oddities can be seen right out in the open.

For The Moment

Love It: Engagements

Engagements are awesome, especially when they’re fake.


Drag Night

Tucked away on one of Boston’s quaintest, most colonial-looking streets stands the outwardly unassuming Jacques Cabaret. Inside, I experienced a ...

In The Meantime

Get Out! (and Dance)

While I was interning in New York City this summer, I fell in love ... with a dance bar. Both ...

Dance at the fair

Survey Part I: Get To Know Harvard’s Class of 2018

Freshman Survey Cover

Class of 2018: By the Numbers


An Evil Woman

Academic Fair at the Plaza
On Campus

Opening Days