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Legal Experts Weigh In On LPSA Incident

Potential legal action against the University by the families of students injured in a lab for Life and Physical Sciences A last week would likely involve proving the negligence of university employees.

Judy Jiao at Harvard

Judy Jiao at Harvard

Judy Jiao at Harvard
On Campus

After Degrassi, Harvard

Though Judy Z. Jiao ’14 did not know it at the time, her life was completely transformed by a trip to the mall.


Students Pitch Start-Up Ideas

Harvard students were given 90 seconds to pitch their start-up ideas to a panel of five judges on Monday to win $1,000 at the Harvard College Entrepreneurship Forum Elevator Pitch Competition.

On Campus

Chef Urges Local Farming

Dan Barber, a chef and owner of the Blue Hill restaurants in New York and a prominent writer on food and agricultural policies, urged his listeners to become picky eaters.

City Politics

Cambridge City Council Candidate: Gary C. Mello

While many Cambridge City Council candidates note that they have ties with Harvard, Gary W. Mello is likely the only one who has ever lived in the Harvard Sailing Center.


Peabody Director Talks Trash

Since 1974, when Richard H. Meadow ’68 began excavating at the archaeological site of Harappa in Pakistan, trash has been essential to his work.

Harvard Business School

CEO Stresses Affordable Housing Needs

Habitat for Humanity International CEO Jonathan T.M. Reckford urged increased cooperation between governments, businesses, and non-profit organizations to tackle the need for affordable housing.