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City Politics

Cambridge City Council Candidate: Matt P. Nelson

At 31, Matt P. Nelson is the youngest candidate in this year’s Cambridge City Council election. Though he lacks the years of experience of many of the current City Councilors, he hopes his energy and innovation will land him a seat on the Council.

City Politics

Cambridge City Council Candidate: Thomas J. Stohlman, Jr.

An MIT graduate with degrees in architecture and chemical engineering, Thomas J. Stohlman, Jr. sees his education as selling point in his campaign for Cambridge City Council.


Documentary Highlights Concerns with Egyptian Military Leadership

“If we have had a successful revolution,” said Shima’a Helmy, “why are all the revolutionaries being arrested and kidnapped?”

Bridging the Gap

Diverse Takes on Alleviating Poverty at “Bridging the Gap”


Food and Drink

Space Age Cocktails Wow

With ingredients like flaming gin and tonic powder, liquid nitrogen-aided artificial snow, and a towering hibiscus leaf garnish, chef Grant Achatz is not just reinventing the cocktail, but dramatically shocking it back to life.