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Kennedy School Professor Named Greek Prime Minister

Lucas Papademos, a soft-spoken professor of public policy, was scheduled to teach a graduate class on the global financial crisis next spring.

City Politics

Cambridge Voters Re-Elect 8 of 9 City Council Members

Cambridge residents reelected eight of nine incumbent Councillors to the Cambridge City Council, according to preliminary election results announced last night.

On Campus

Group Endorses Walk Out in Economics 10

A group of students have planned a series of events to raise awareness in honor of “National Day of Action," including a walkout of the popular Economics 10 introductory course and a March in Boston later in the day.

City Politics

Candidate Profile: Timothy J. Toomey Jr.

As a City Councillor since 1990 and a State Representative since 1993, Toomey says that he hopes “the big thing that people will recognize is my many years of service.”

Harvard Medical School

Hormones May Increase Risk of Cancer

High levels of multiple hormones, particularly estrogen and testosterone, increase the risk of breast cancer, according to a study published recently by Harvard researchers.

Student Life

Harvard: A Safety School?

If you thought your friends were impressed by the fact that you got into Harvard with its 6.2% acceptance rate in 2011, it’s time to think again. As more and more students worldwide seek tertiary education, some students are fighting against even more incredible odds worldwide to attend their top schools—and in some cases, Harvard’s admissions rate looks positively gigantic.


Panel Urges U.S.-India Collaboration on Green Energy

Experts say collaboration in renewable energy between the United States and India is crucial to maintaining the pre-eminence of both countries on the international stage.