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Lionel Richie Visits KeyChange Vocalist
Music Groups

Lionel Richie Recruits New Talent

In December, Elizabeth K. Leimkuhler ’15 sang for Grammy Award-winning musical artist Lionel Richie. Come May, she might be singing a duet with him on national television.


'Gut-on-a-Chip' Mimics Human Intestine

A team of researchers at Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering recently announced a milestone in the development of a new biomedical technology that may make animal models a phenomenon of the past. The device, known as the “gut-on-a-chip,” simulates the microenvironment of the human intestine by creating a miniaturized three-dimensional scaffold that supports growth and development of a patient’s own cells—even including microbes essential for digestion and normal physiology.

Harvard Medical School

Medical Museum Full of Treasures

The Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine–which showcases prime medical artifacts and houses texts both ancient and electronic—is a link between America’s oldest medical traditions and cutting-edge literature.


Leukemia Drug Kills T-cells, Spares Immunity

A study published this January by dermatologists at Brigham and Women’s Hospital may transform the way physicians approach treatment for leukemic cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (L-CTCL).


John Legend Selected As Cultural Rhythms Honoree

Nine-time Grammy Award winner John Legend has been named the Harvard Foundation’s Artist of the Year, according to Harvard Foundation president Dr. S. Allen Counter.


Lionel Richie to Receive 2011 Harvard Foundation Peter J. Gomes Award

Famous musician and philanthropist Lionel Richie will be visiting Harvard on Monday to receive the 2011 Harvard Foundation Peter J. Gomes Award.

Mayors on the Front Line

Occupy Protesters Interrupt Forum

Occupy Harvard protesters interrupted a mayoral panel at the Institute of Politics on Wednesday evening, protesting perceived injustices at the Occupy Philadelphia camp.

Harvard Kennedy School

Professors Analyze Former Leader of China Deng Xiaoping's Reforms

Three Harvard professors gathered to discuss the reforms of Deng Xiaoping, leader of China from 1978 to 1992, and their significance in shaping China’s past and future at a forum at the Institute of Politics on Monday night.

Student Life

Another Cup? The Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Waiting in line for that double expresso for the third time in one day can get you thinking. Can all this coffee really be healthy? Well, Harvard researchers have your back: according to various studies, the answer seems to be yes.

Food and Drink

CityStep Selling Good Luck Grams During Reading Period

We all have different ways of motivating ourselves to study. For some, it's the promise of sleep. For others, it's being able to catch up on the latest episodes of "Gossip Girl" guilt-free. And, thanks to CityStep, we now have another option.

Harvard Law School

HLS Professor Offers Look Into President Obama the Student

Members of the Harvard community are offered this week an intimate look into the life of the President of the United States, Barack Obama—or as Harvard Law School professor Charles J. Ogletree likes to call him, Barry.

Harvard Medical School

Professor Unveils Map of Proteins

Late last month, researchers unveiled the most extensive attempt to blueprint a network of proteins interactions inside a multicellular organism to date.

Student Life

Halloween Comes Early in College

Despite an unexpected October snowstorm blanketing Cambridge in a wet layer of snow, Harvard students sloshed through soggy streets to celebrate Halloween—if in somewhat dampened tones—in a variety of ways, from Fright Fest in Annenberg Hall to the annual Heaven and Hell party in Currier House.

Harvard Medical School

HMS Launches New Program

Harvard Medical School has launched a new initiative for interdisciplinary research, tying together faculty and students in biology, physics, computer science, and chemistry, among others.