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House Committees Prepare For Game

Kegs and U-Hauls, banned at Harvard tailgates, will reappear in New Haven this weekend as House Committees navigate the discrepancies between Harvard and Yale’s tailgating policies.

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In The Meantime

Coffee Cupping

With a metal spoon and the steady hands of a surgeon, Jaime Vanschyndel, general manager of Barismo, gently pushes aside the coffee grounds that have floated to the surface of the cup. He leans in close, his nose mere inches from the surface, and inhales. The verdict? Smoke, like “an ash tray that doesn’t get cleaned out,” he says. All we saw was mud.

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Food and Drink

Coffee in the Square

Harvard Business School

Tyra Talks Harvard on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Yale may have its own Renaissance man in the form of James Franco, but Harvard can also boast of attracting another famously multi-talented personality: Tyra Banks. While making the late-night talk show rounds promoting her new book "Modelland," Tyra Banks has been particularly vocal about her recent enrollment in the Harvard Business Schools' Owner/President Management Program.