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Henry VIII

#tbt: Ivy League Pranks

Aside from the classic prank: “I’m not rooming with you next year”—our roommates were totally kidding about that one—there have been more pranksters throughout H-Y-P history. We warn you: these Ivy Leaguers set a low bar.

Flyby Campus

#tbt: Surprising Nudist

Throwback to 1949's "mysterious nudist who supposedly took four Radcliffe girls and a woman motorist by surprise." You're a legend. Bold move in December.

Casey Dunk
Men's Basketball

Harvard Men's Basketball's 38% Chance

What are the chances that Harvard men’s basketball can win again and beat no. 4-seed Michigan State at 8:40 p.m. tonight? John L. Ezekowitz '13 has a number: 38 percent, approximately.

Housing Day

Advice to Josh: Blocking

Our ever-curious and anonymous freshman has Housing Day on his mind. Below, three of FM’s experts answer Josh’s questions about blocking group drama, floating, and avoiding the Quad.

A Little Levity

Venn Diagram: Linkmates and LinkedIn

FM compares linkmates and LinkedIn profiles.

A Toast to Freshman Formal

[Unsolicited] Advice to Josh: Freshman Formal

Although Josh stopped coming to us for advice after the last “Advice to Josh” column, we decided to give our freshman friend some tips for how to survive Freshman Formal. Here are some of the questions we (rightly) assumed he would be asking. You’re welcome, Josh!

Fifteen Most Interesting

Hania S. Chima


Advice to Josh

As the wise and respected social leader on campus, FM was inevitably going to be asked how to be “cool” one of these days. Recently, a first year we’ll call “Josh” (because his real name is Josh) came to us asking how to survive the brutal social life of a male Freshman on campus. Four of FM’s best weighed in to turn Josh’s social woes into social woooooahs.

Student Life

Love it: Half Marathons

I started out by running 1/26th marathons in high school gym class. As fulfilling as those 3.5 laps around the track were as I overlapped an old woman doing walking arm workouts, saying “I just ran a 1/26th marathon” didn’t have the right ring to it. I wanted to run something that sounded impressive.


Venn Diagram: PBR and PBK

Both: After age 23, only mentioned in nostalgia After two weeks in the library, smell slightly stale The earlier, the better Grey Goose is better


FM Imagines: Harvard-Yale Buses

While trips to the quad are often categorized as “too far to travel,” Harvard students shuttle to The Game at Yale every other year. FM imagines what some of the conversations on these buses might look like.


Trick-or-Treat at Professors' Homes

Since you've been meaning to go to office hours all semester, get face time with your favorite faculty members by showing up to their houses on Halloween and demanding candy. Here’s what FM imagines that they’ll be giving out.

Final Clubs

Quiz: Which Male Final Club Are You?

Oh no! Disaster has struck. You’ve been punched by all the final clubs, you stud. Tough decisions are coming up as you’re trying to decide not only your concentration (economics), but also which final club is the right fit. We’re here to make your life easier, because your dad’s personal assistant can’t make all your decisions for you.


Making the Cut: The Real Pre-med Requirements

The story of droves of students entering college expecting to be pre-med, but later switching tracks—whether because of the rigor or the draw of other disciplines—is a familiar one. However, at Harvard unique factors play into this whittling down of aspiring doctors.


FM Throwback Thursday

Besides Natural Light, boxed wine, and stein club ales, Harvard students in the 1950s had the option of drinking Harvard Brewing Co. beers.

The Oval

Seeing Red: Stanford v. Harvard

blood handprint

Dead Letter: The Aesthetics of Horror

Election Strategy

Where Did All The Ideas Go?

Free Time

In Search of Lost Time