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UC Inauguration

New Leaders Sworn In to UC

With their right hands resting on an iPad displaying the Undergraduate Council constitution, Tara Raghuveer ’14 and Jen Q. Y. Zhu ’14 were sworn in as UC president and vice president at Sunday night’s general meeting.


Donning a Mask: Suicide at Harvard

“I felt that it was better to take my life than to accept failure,” Christine says plainly. Christine, now a senior, is direct and open as she reflects on her first of two suicide attempts during her sophomore year.


UC Plans Shuttles to Boston Logan Airport

Flying home for Turkey Day? Don't want to schlep bags through South Station or splurge on a cab? This year, thanks to an initiative funded by the Undergraduate Council, students have one more option for getting to the airport.

Undergraduate Council

Raghuveer-Zhu Win UC Presidency

Tara Raghuveer ’14 and running mate Jen Q. Y. Zhu ’14 won this year’s Undergraduate Council presidential election with a clear majority of votes, the Election Commission announced Friday night.

Undergraduate Council

UC Wants Increase In Activities Fee

The Student Activities Fee, and with it the College’s termbill, should rise in order to better fund student groups, the Undergraduate Council recommended in a report released last Sunday.

Undergraduate Council

UC Votes to Support Affirmative Consent

The Undergraduate Council voted Sunday night to support the adoption of a College-wide affirmative consent policy, just one week before students are set to cast ballots on the very same issue.


Election Commission to Campaigns: Stop Being a 'Nuisance'

With just one day to go before voting opens in the Undergraduate Council's Presidential election, the UC Election Commission has ...

Undergraduate Council

UC Candidates Run on Change

Change: it is the message that swept President Barack Obama to the White House twice. It is also the message that this year’s Undergraduate Council presidential hopefuls are counting on to deliver their own victories.

Abe Liu

Abe Liu Returns to Harvard?

Abe Liu, the Harvard Extension School student who pretended to be a member of the Class of 2015 last year, has launched a surprise campaign for Undergraduate Council president—or so Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter would have you believe.

Undergraduate Council

UC Expels Two Members

The Undergraduate Council announced that it will hold special elections after it expelled two members due to unexcused absences.

Undergraduate Council

Four Candidates Run for UC Presidency

Four candidates for Undergraduate Council president and their vice presidential running mates have garnered the signatures necessary to run in the upcoming election, the UC Election Commission announced in an e-mail late Monday.

Undergraduate Council

Faust Discusses Harvard Investments

Harvard’s investment strategy is aimed at providing funds for the University’s teaching and research initiatives, rather than promoting a particular social cause.




Widener Evacuated...Again



HUPD Presents at UC Meeting

Addressing issues ranging from the reported crackdown on underage drinking at final clubs to the recent stranger rapes, Harvard University Police Department spokesperson Steven G. Catalano presented crime statistics and took questions at Sunday night’s Undergraduate Council General Meeting.