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As Crunch Time Hits, Some Students Turn to Dangerous Study Drug

In preparation for finals, some students stock up on Red Bull. Others reload their Starbucks cards in anticipation of coffee-fueled nights. But for some students who sneak under the radar at Harvard, reading period entails a trip to the pharmacy or their entryway’s drug dealer.


Best Places to Watch the 2012 Boston Marathon

Not even a "Warm Weather Advisory" will prevent the most die-hard athletes from running the 2012 Boston Marathon. With temperatures predicted to soar into the mid and upper 80s, event organizers issued a bulletin encouraging inexperienced runners to skip the race, offering them the option of deferring and participating next year. But for spectators yearning for a taste of summer in April, the warm weather provides a great excuse to get outside. Here are a few of the best places to witness all of the action:

The Bible and Homosexuality

Vines Offers Alternate Biblical Interpretation of Same-Sex Relationships

Contrary to traditional interpretations prevalent in Christian conservative America, the Bible does not oppose same-sex relationships, Matthew R. Vines ’12 argued in a screening of his video presentation “The Bible and Homosexuality” on Saturday.


Talk Covers Gay Rights, Bible

Those who look to religious scripture for guidance should support the rights of the LGBTQ community not despite their religious convictions, but because of them, said author Jay Michaelson in his talk “God vs. Gay” on Thursday night at Hillel.


Five Most 'Colorful' Sex Week Events

The organizers of Harvard's first annual Sex Week hope to spark a campus-wide discussion on issues ranging from sexual health and communication to gender identification and sexuality. Sex Week, which runs through Saturday, has well over twenty different events planned. From abstinence to BDSM, there is something for everyone. And with event names like these, we are confident students will have plenty to talk about. Without further ado, five of the most colorful events, in chronological order:

Sexual Politics
Gender and Sexuality

Harvard Kicks Off Inaugural Sex Week

Harvard’s first-ever Sex Week, which aims to promote thoughtful discourse on issues of sex and sexuality through education, conversation, and vagina-themed cupcakes, began Sunday.


Harvard Profs Tapped To Join Mass. Board of Higher Ed.

Two Harvard professors will serve on the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, Massachusetts Governor Deval L. Patrick ’78 announced on Monday.


Peppered Moths Did Evolve Through Natural Selection, Study Confirms

The darkening color of the peppered moth during the nineteenth century, often used as a case study for adaptation, was confirmed as an accurate example of natural selection in a paper co-authored by a Harvard faculty member.


Cheaper Natural Gas Reduces Carbon Emissions, Study Says

The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants in 2009 can be explained by a fall in the price of natural gas, according to an article published last month by researchers at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Higher Education

Highly Effective Teachers Have Long-Term Impacts on Students, Study Suggests

An education study co-authored by two Harvard professors found that top teachers increase students' lifetime income and standard of living, ...


Former Researcher at School of Public Health Retracts Three Papers

Akio Kawakami has retracted three articles that he published during his time as a medical researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Student Groups

A Bloody Battle Between Harvard and Yale

Age-old rivals Harvard and Yale found themselves competing once again as the schools vied to collect the greater quantity of blood in Red Cross-sponsored drives held on each campus during the past two weeks.