Charlotte C. Chang

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Departing Thoughts

What prevalent mentalities on education lack is an emphasis on its moral, ethical, and humanistic dimension.


A Matter of Perspective

Although being a global citizen implies extensive travel and some familiarity with foreign languages and conspicuous aspects of cultures such as food and drink, the concept should really be defined by one’s ability to engage with and adopt different perspectives meaningfully when viewing the world.


The Power of Two

I believe that elements of bilingual education ought to be more widely and openly embraced in light of overwhelming evidence supporting its advantages, which have been consistently shown to benefit all students regardless of linguistic and cultural background.


Into the College Melting Pot

As such, I often question whether the international student body at Harvard contributes to the creation of global citizens truly capable of cultural and linguistic flexibility and adaptation to different contexts, or ratherto the creation of global elite citizens capable only of interacting with people who, albeitwith diverse passports, have already adapted to an “international” English-mediated culture.


What's in a Skill?

Germany's pervasive structural incorporation of vocational training into the education system allows graduates with different skills and expertise to be respected in society regardless of the perceived “prestige” of their chosen professions.


When Yale Meets Confucius

Yale's Singapore campus has raised various questions about the viability of the liberal arts education model in a country that upholds rigid educational traditions rooted in Confucian meritocracy.