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Harvard Today: Oct. 17, 2013

Now that lawmakers in Washington have the federal government figured out, students have another opportunity to weigh in on the governance of Harvard College.


Harvard Today: Oct. 10, 2013

The government is still shut down, but it's almost the weekend!

Sciences Division

Harvard Today: September 26, 2013

Well, Dunkin' Donuts is back, and Ted Cruz has finally finished reading out of the phone book. Enjoy the sun today—maybe one of the last days to jump off of Weeks Bridge?


Three Weeks In

I played the piano this past weekend. Not for any reason, really—there wasn’t any new song I was trying to learn—but I played. For almost an hour, too. There was some work that I had to do and some emails that I had to send, but that was okay. Right then, I just wanted to sit and play.


Harvard Today: Sept. 19, 2013

Warm weather returns, giving us hope for a few more weeks of summer here at Harvard. Get out in the sun!

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Feldstein's Top Secret Economics Notes Left on an Airplane?

"Some people left their economics notes on the plane. Can Martin Feldstein, Lawrence Summers, and Jeff Liebmann please come to gate C10 to retrieve your economics notes?"

Cabot House
House Life

Cabot House

Every day between now and Housing Day, Flyby will release two new House rankings. The top two Houses will be revealed on Wednesday, March 13. Check back daily for updates! The phrase, "I can see the SOCH from my House!" is not generally considered a good thing among Harvard undergraduates. Throughout the history of Flyby House Rankings, Cabot House has been nowhere near the top five. In fact, the House has typically ranked in the bottom two—so what's changed? Not much, as it turns out. After our careful research, it comes down to this—Cabot has simply been underrated. Yes, it's in the Quad. But Cabot's large singles, abundant facilities, beloved House Masters, and overall pleasant atmosphere make it one of the more appealing Houses on campus.


Watts Remembered by Friends for Adventurous Spirit

Watts—an avid mountaineer, loyal friend, and energetic student—passed away in an avalanche Friday while climbing Mt. Washington. He was 24.


Jimmy Watts ’10 Dies in Avalanche

James J. “Jimmy” Watts ’10 died in an avalanche while ice climbing on Mount Washington in New Hampshire on Friday. He was 24.

On Campus

To Do: Snow Day

Let's be real, this is the most snow we're going to have for a while. So ditch your real to do list, bundle up, and head outside. We at Flyby have created your Snow Day itinerary.

Carolina I. Ragolta

Carolina I. Ragolta

Like many children, Carolina I. Ragolta ’13 wanted to be an astronaut.


It Takes Two: Aron Zingman and Jackie E. Stenson

Aron Zingman and Jackie E. Stenson, co-tutors in Cabot House, have been dating for the last two and a half years. Last summer, they took a two and a half-week motorcycle road trip together, traversing Scandinavia’s harsh terrain.