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Abstracting Terrorism

What cannot be debated is the increasingly common phenomenon of terror justified on the basis of Islam, a message that clearly attracts at least some within the Muslim community.


Good Grief

Perhaps not everyone draping the French flag over their Friday-night-out pictures is an astute observer of geopolitics. Does that mean that they value the life of a Frenchman over that of an Arab? Probably not.


A Dictionary of Media Bias

Rules of rhetoric set out that you tackle the message rather than trying to shoot the messenger. Unfortunately they don’t hold for audiences who haven’t internalized those rules.


Stalinists in Our Midst

Intolerance of counterrevolutionary messaging, mandatory reeducation of its practitioners, and burning the books of dissidents—sheer totalitarianism.

Stiff Upper Lip

Teardrops on My Gavel

When Boehner cries, his innocent, childlike displays of emotion are without desire for political gain or strategy. The man just loves, among other things, children, the Holy Father, and America.

Cultural Appropriation Illustration

The Near Myth of Cultural Appropriation

It’s not enough that those who assimilate elements of other cultures are immediately assumed to be racist unless they claim otherwise, but even those who voice a sincere, clear, and well-intentioned interest are assumed to be insidious liars, their voices discounted and their intents assumed for them.

Faculty Contributions Feature

Harvard Faculty Donate to Democrats by Wide Margin

Eighty-four percent of campaign contributions made by a group of 614 Harvard faculty, instructors, and researchers between 2011 and the third quarter of 2014 went to federal Democratic campaigns and political action committees.

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Putin's Day Off

It’s a cool Sunday night on the Kremlin, and Vladimir is Putin on the ritz.


Southern Comfort

Of course, it’s not just the coastal elites that buy into the Manichaean narrative. To Mike Huckabee, this country is divided into Bubbaville and Bubbleville, with the homier residents of Bubbaville superior to their snobbish, coastal counterparts. Neither narrative is true. Behind these simplified labels and tropes are identical people, from which no group is better than any other.


The Social Justice Warrior

This impulse toward seeking the bad from anything good, to protesting progress for not being immediate utopia, leads to the most disturbing trend of the social justice warrior: a near-constant assumption of bad faith.