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Ben Zauzmer Wins Oscars

With the Academy Awards now over, Flyby caught up with Harvard's very own Oscar guru Ben Zauzmer '15. Zauzmer, who published data predicting the Oscar wins, used available data pertaining to the nominees to predict the likelihood they would go home with an Oscar. Zauzmer tells Flyby how the math matched up to the winning movies.

Memorial Hall
On Campus

Memories of Memorial Hall

FM returns to The Crimson’s archives to explore Memorial Hall’s history and to imagine the memories made there through the years.


Harvard's Oscar Guru

Ben T. Zauzmer '15, an Applied Math concentrator in Mather House, gained Internet fame last year for his strikingly accurate predictions of who would win the 2012 Oscars. This year, he's at it again. Using results from similar awards shows, critics' picks, and other available data, Zauzmer runs statistical analyses to determine the probability that nominated movies, directors, or actresses will win in their given categories this Sunday. Flyby sat down with Zauzmer to talk movies and math.

Harvard in the World

Tuesday Night Procrastination, Courtesy of the Internet

Now that classes have begun and you're in round-the-clock procrastination mode, Flyby presents a quick roundup of all the interesting things on the Internet that you missed while scrolling through Facebook.


Is College Worth the Money?

In this series, Flyby Staff Writer Olivia M. Munk identifies, dissects, and discusses ideas, articles, and opinions found in popular media and popular culture. She's here to inform you and to make you think—about what's out there, what it means to us, and what it might mean for you. WHAT IT IS In the wake of the Great Recession, formal college education and its ever-increasing price tag has been under scrutiny from the popular media. To make higher education accessible for all, Bill Gates, Florida governor Rick Scott, and others have proposed the implementation of a $10,000 bachelors degree program. Is it possible? A recent op-ed in the New York Times details Arthur C. Brooks' flirtation with traditional college, followed by what his parents fondly dubbed a "gap-decade," and finally a return to academia by correspondence. Brooks managed to complete his undergraduate degree as well as two graduate ones without obtaining a cent of debt, and most importantly, all for less than $10,000.

J Term



27 Shots

The man at CVS slid a yellow cardboard envelope across the counter. “Here are your photos. That’ll be $6.51.”

College Life

The Best of Holiday-Themed Procrastination

The point of reading period may be to finally complete those problem sets or crack the spine on the $300 textbook you were supposed to be reading all semester, but we all know what the end of classes actually means: extra procrastination time. Luckily, with the end of exams comes Winter Break, and with Winter Break comes the holidays. Whether you’re planning on returning home to a Christmas tree, a menorah, or even just a non-bunk bed, here are a few Internet distractions to delightfully fill the time you’d otherwise be guiltily scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed.

Love It/Hate It: Snapchat
For The Moment

Love It: Snapchat

For those who fear immortalized images, Snapchat is the perfect app.


Lecture Series Highlights Media Inequality

Minorities lag in production and consumption of digital media, a worrisome trend as the media play an ever-growing role in society, a communications expert said Tuesday at a talk hosted by Harvard’s W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Studies.

Goodies at Sherman Cafe
For The Moment

Outside the Square: A CaffeiNation

With the academic energy on campus at its second-round-of-midterms high, a stroll around the Square can be comforting—if you can avoid bumping into tour guides donning eighteenth century garb and don’t mind waiting 20 minutes to drop $6 on Starbucks drip coffee.

In The Meantime

FM Arbitrarily Predicts the Election

Tired of analyzing poll after poll? Sick of combing your inbox for the latest IOP spam emails?


Students Give Dining Hall Staff a Standing Ovation

While you spent the day in pajamas scrolling through your newsfeed thinking about all the homework you should be doing, Harvard University Dining Services went about their business as usual, grilling your veggie burgers and dishing out quinoa. When all of Harvard shut down for the third time in its entire history, HUDS was one of the few staff services that did not get to stay home. For their hard work, students and staff decided to show their gratitude through a standing ovation.

For The Moment

Eight Pop Culture Inspired Costumes

Ah, Halloween, the magical time when every cheap creative costume idea you’ve brainstormed in the last year goes out the window and you end up as some sort of sexy baby animal. Lucky for you, FM’s here to make sure your budget’s no excuse for being the seventh person to show up to the costume party in cat ears, a tail, and not much else.

Food and Drink

Taste of Fall Around the Square

You may have noticed it's autumn because midterms have rolled around and you're starting to shiver in your short-shorts. The businesses of Cambridge, meanwhile, know that it's fall and we can tell because they've started selling pumpkin lattes and apple bath bombs. Now, Flyby explores the various fall specials around the Square.

Free Time

In Search of Lost Time

Photo Man
Ivy League

Beyond The Silver Screen

Larry, In His Element

Professor Summers

Data Sculpture
Visual Arts

Painting by the Numbers: Data Visualization