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Student Dissertation Sticks to Schedule Despite Hurricane Sandy

Although Hurricane Sandy interrupted all but core Harvard University operations Monday, the so-called superstorm was no match for Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Ph. D candidate Mollie A. Woodworth.

What Does the Future Hold?
Ivy League

Ivy Students Can Get Jobs

Breaking news: Yalies can get jobs. Surprising as it may be, Yale alumni are the second most employable group of college graduates, according to a New York Times survey. While Harvard topped the charts (and we'll get to that later), let's first look at other top schools and where they stand in the rankings.


Freshmen Strut the Runway in Halloween Catwalk

The John Harvard statue uprooted himself from his normal spot outside University Hall on Friday to strut down a table-top runway in Annenberg during the annual Halloween Costume Catwalk. At the end of the runway, the statue, a freshman sporting a bronzed face and gray suit, returned to his “chair,” placed in front of the judge’s table. Then, Matthew T. Barber '16, one of the event’s emcees, placed his foot on John Harvard’s knee to mimic the late-night tradition of urinating on the University’s namesake.


Chilean Activists Speak at Harvard

Two leaders of the Chilean Students Movement proposed economic, political, and social reforms to rectify pervasive inequity in the Chilean education system in a talk at the Harvard Graduate School of Education on Thursday afternoon.

Science Center Plaza Construction
Student Life

Science Center Plaza Construction Disrupts Pathway

In recent weeks, expanded construction to the Science Center Plaza has narrowed pedestrian access from the Yard to a winding walkway lined with cement barriers and colorful banners.

House Life

Dorm-Essentials Vending Machines Launched in Quincy

Tampons, toothpaste, and condoms have taken the place of potato chips, candy bars, and water bottles in a vending machine in the basement of New Quincy that was installed this Monday.