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SEAS Will Move to Allston Science Complex
Harvard Business School

Harvard's Allston Footprint Under Construction

All eyes these days are fixed on Harvard’s ongoing capital campaign, but across the Charles River, construction is quietly underway in North Allston.


Univ. Offers Detailed Plans for Expanded Allston Community Programming, Facility

The new facility will house much of the “transformative” programming promised by the University last fall.

Harvard Business School

I-lab Startup Applies Socially Conscious Mission to Yemeni Coffee Imports

Mokha Origin, a new startup based at the Harvard Innovation Lab, has made strides to begin importing coffee beans from Yemen to encourage economic growth and stability on the Arabian Peninsula.


Skating Club, Harvard Land Swap Draws Criticisms from Allston-Brighton Residents

Harvard has agreed with to swap two properties in Brighton with the Skating Club of Boston, pending approval by the Boston Redevelopment Authority Board.

Prospective Homeowners Face Competition with Investors
Harvard in the City

As Investor Interest in Allston Grows, Opportunities for Prospective Homeowners Dwindle

Allston residents say that cash-paying investors seeking to rent out properties swoop in and purchase newly available houses before potential homeowners have the chance to make a bid.

Harvard Business School

At i-Lab, Business Students Create Guides to Life’s Biggest Transitions

Students can now learn from the experiences of mentors through a collection of free online courses at

City Politics

Allston Community Calls for Neighborhood Improvements through Mass. Turnpike Realignment

Approximately 200 community members, transportation officials, and elected representatives gathered to voice their opinions and goals for the $260 million Allston interchange project Thursday evening. The project will impact Harvard-owned land.


With Turnpike Project Meeting Approaching, Allstonians Hope for Positive Changes

With the first community meeting regarding the Massachusetts Turnpike realignment scheduled for next Thursday, Allston residents said they hope the $260 million construction project will produce positive changes in the community.

City Politics

With Construction Underway, Allston Residents Take a Second Look at Task Force

Allston residents have voiced concerns about the makeup of the Harvard-Allston Task Force, particularly concerning the age, gender, and race of its members.

Barry's Corner Rendering

‘By Default’: Harvard Proposal Sparks Doubt in Allston, Praise Elsewhere

With construction beginning in Allston this spring, the verdict on Harvard’s multimillion dollar investment in the neighborhood across the Charles is still out.

Barry's Corner

Residents Discuss Construction Concerns at Year’s First Allston Task Force Meeting

On Wednesday, University representatives addressed the concerns of Allston residents regarding Harvard's upcoming construction projects in the area slated to begin in 2014.


Allston Residents Debate Renaming Historic “Barry’s Corner”

Allston residents disagree on what to name the intersection of North Harvard Street and Western Avenue, an area destined to be the retail and residential hub of Harvard’s development in Allston over the next ten years.


Harvard Donates Land to City as Part of Benefits Package

Harvard will donate a 0.7-acre parcel of land in Allston to the City of Boston as part of a community benefits package attached to the University’s 10-year Institutional Master Plan for development in Allston.


Allston Task Force Approves Benefits Package

The Harvard-Allston Task Force voted to approve the University’s proposed community benefits package attached to Harvard’s Institutional Master Plan for development in Allston Wednesday evening. The community benefits package will be presented to the Boston Redevelopment Authority along with the IMP at a Boston Zoning Commission assessment on Nov. 20.


Harvard Adds $5 Million to Allston Community Benefits Package

Harvard presented a new package of community benefits totaling $43 million to the Harvard-Allston Task Force on Monday evening.

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Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven