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Blitzstein's World

With Big Data on the Rise, Blitzstein Boosts Stats at Harvard

Despite growing interest nationwide in statistics and “big data” over the past decade, students and faculty in the department have said that much of the new excitement for the field at Harvard is due to Blitzstein’s personal commitment to teaching and the enormous influence he has had on the undergraduate body.


Donors and Professors Confer at Symposia After FAS Capital Campaign Launch

At a symposium on digital education, Robert A. Lue, a biology professor and director of the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, said that Harvard needs donors’ support to lead research on innovation in teaching and learning.

Time Capsule

Anthropology Department Makes Time Capsule

One hundred years from Thursday, future Harvard administrators will have the opportunity to open up a time capsule from the year 2013, which will contain—amongst other objects—a used Post-it pad, a first-generation iPhone, Wednesday’s edition of The Crimson, and a can of Coke Zero.

Faculty News

Harvard Affiliates Say Social Science Ph.D. Job Prospects Are Improving, But Still Grim

Harvard social scientists lamented a still-competitive job market that they say is made even more compact by current nationwide trends towards reducing tenure-track positions, but they say these cuts have not significantly impacted Harvard job seekers.

Andrew Ho
Higher Education

GSE Professor Andrew Ho Discusses Standardized Testing

This week, the Admissions Blog conducted an interview with Andrew Ho, an associate professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education whose research has focused on measuring student and school proficiency and on standardized testing metrics.

Social Sciences Division

Harvard Political Scientists Lament NSF Funding Cuts

Six months after Congress approved cuts to the funding of the National Science Foundation Political Science Program, political scientists at Harvard said that their field has already begun to suffer from the loss of funding.


Summers's Colleagues Criticize Politicization of Fed Chair Selection Process

In the aftermath of Lawrence H. Summers’s withdrawal from consideration for the position of Federal Reserve chairman, several Harvard faculty members condemned the politicization of the confirmation process and expressed dismay over the decision.

Social Sciences Division

Harvard Affiliates Discuss Syria

As Congress prepares to vote on whether or not to take action against Syria, Harvard affiliates warn that given how strongly the Obama administration has endorsed a military strike, the United States risks losing credibility on the international stage if it does not act.

Student Life

Freshman Survey Part I: Meet Harvard's Class of 2017

Men in Harvard’s incoming Class of 2017 expect to earn far more money after graduation than their female classmates expect to earn, according to a Crimson survey of the freshman class that arrived on campus last week.

Student Life

The Rise of Student Research

Now, as Harvard sees some of its key research grants reduced by the federal sequester, which set funding cuts into motion on March 1 to reduce the federal budget deficit, University programs like the HCRP may experience greater demand as student interest in research continues to grow.


Digital Public Library Goes Live, Celebration Postponed

After two and a half years of planning, the Digital Public Library of America website will go live on Thursday at noon, becoming the first national digital library in the world.


Chetty Awarded Clark Medal

Harvard economics professor Raj Chetty ’00 won the John Bates Clark Medal Friday. Awarded by the American Economic Association, the award recognizes the contribution of an American economist under 40 to the field of economics. Chetty, who at 33 is one of the award’s youngest recipients, joins the ranks of famous economists like Lawrence H. Summers, Milton Friedman, Paul R. Krugman, and several Nobel Prize winners who have previously won the award.


AAAS Curriculum Incorporates Research Through Social Engagement Initiative

In a recent assignment for her sophomore tutorial, African and African American Studies concentrator Yasmin Rawlins ’15 trekked to Merengue, a Dominican restaurant in Roxbury, to interview the owners.


Large Departments Encourage Students and Professors To Connect

The government and psychology departments have introduced new initiatives meant to encourage undergraduates to make personal connections with their professors, as large concentrations work to counteract the idea that their size allows for little contact between faculty and students.


As DPLA Launch Date Approaches, Faculty Calls for Open Access

As the Digital Public Library of America—a new online repository for text and media sources—prepares to launch next month, faculty and administrators at the University said they hope its creation will mark the beginning of a nationwide push for open access.