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15 Best Things to Do Outdoors

The men broke out their salmon shorts, the women donned sundresses, and some kind fellow in Holworthy pointed his speakers out towards the Yard and played some Bob Marley—summer is approaching. Need an excuse to spend as much time outdoors as possible? Here are the 15 best things to do outside:

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Flyby's Guide to Spring Runs

It's finally spring: The snow is disappearing, the Charles is no longer frozen, and you can actually wear shorts outside without fear of frostbite. Celebrate the 50, and dare we say 60, degree weather with a jog outdoors, unencumbered by layers of cold gear and fleece. To get started, here are some running routes, all of which begin at the Curious George store in Harvard Square:


'now they're really gonna think you're high'

Since we last wrote on our Tip Box findings, we've seen months of great turmoil for Harvard, from freak weather storms to email hacking to contentious house rankings. One thing is clear: today's students live in uncertain times. Flyby tips from the past few months reflect the self-doubt and agitation of these trying months, as readers voice epistemological concerns (see Feb. 10), criticisms of society's materialism (Oct. 30), and possible drug-related paranoia (Dec. 13).

Cheryl Vaughan

A Harvard Degree For All

Long before edX began offering Harvard courses online, the Harvard Extension School has provided open-enrollment courses to those seeking an education outside of the typical undergraduate timeframe.

Rainy day Harvard Square.

'Warm Cuts' on Campus

The cozy feeling behind snowy tunes like "Baby It’s Cold Outside" and "Let It Snow" only lasts several days past Christmas. Now it's almost spring break, and yes, it's still snowing and raining and sleeting. Good ol' Cambridge. To keep you warm and dry and a little less miserable today and tonight, here are some "warm cuts" on campus.


Macklemore: Everywhere But Here

Mark your calendars, because on April 26th, Macklemore is coming to a campus near you! But, as always, you can't have your cake and eat it too—the "Thrift Shop" sensation isn't coming to Harvard, but to MIT's Springfest, before scrambling down to New Haven for Yale's Spring Fling. Yardfest better step it up this year.


Sacrifices for Lent: It's Never Too Late!

Ash Wednesday has come and gone, but it’s not too late to participate in Lent, a Christian tradition wherein observers give up a luxury for the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday.


Love Online

The rise of college-oriented online dating sites, some students say, is symptomatic of a student population that is frustrated with the social options on campus.

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Dean Dingman is Flyby's Man of the Year

Flyby found Dean Thomas A. Dingman '67 swiping students into lunch at Annenberg today. Rock on, Dean Dingman. You win.



Dean Thomas A. Dingman '67 swiped students into lunch at Annenberg Saturday while HUDS experienced staff shortages due to the blizzard.


10 Greatest Moments from the Super Bowl XLVII

On Sunday, millions of Americans took a break from their humdrum lives to tune into one of the biggest television events of the year, and possibly of the decade. Even Harvard managed to make an appearance, with professor Dan Gilbert starring in a Super Bowl ad. But for those of you who somehow missed this momentous event, Flyby has recapped the 10 most phenomenal moments of the evening.

Harvard Thinks Big 4 Breastfeeding Talk

Harvard Thinks Big 4: What You Missed

Harvard Thinks Big rang in its fourth year on Thursday, featuring seven celebrity/professor speakers with 12 minutes each to present the next—you guessed it—big idea. Although Drew Faust couldn't make it (allegations were made that she was off in LA lobbying the Academy of Motion Pictures for Lincoln), people still packed into Sanders Theatre to attend the event, one of Harvard's newest traditions. In case you missed it, here is our tl;dr version of the two hour event.

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The Super Bowl: Do Bet On It

It's time to pay homage to one of the great American traditions: the Super Bowl. Although the game is traditionally celebrated through copious amounts of PBR, wings, and a betting pool, student athletes recently received a friendly email from Ryan Pekarek, a Compliance Intern from Harvard University's Department of Athletics, with the subject line "Don't Bet On It," reminding them that the NCAA prohibits "engaging in gambling activities as they relate to intercollegiate ore professional sporting events."


Myopic Misery: Protect Your Wallet This Holiday Season

This winter, you might want to save your holiday shopping for after finals period. Researchers from Harvard and other universities have found that sadness (a common condition among students trying to finish papers and projects at the end of the semester) not only leads to increased spending, it also impacts the quality of our financial decisions.