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CS50 Lecture

A Wave of Cheating Cases in CS50

Over 60 enrollees in Harvard's flagship computer science course appeared before the Honor Council to face allegations of academic dishonesty. Here's a look at what's happened and why.


Implementation Committee Final Report


N.P. Narvekar's Message to Harvard Affiliates

Graduate Student Council Meeting

Graduate Student Unionization Efforts

Graduate students pushed for unionization during 2015, though administrators repeatedly affirmed their opposition to the movement.

Extracurriculars and Academics Town Hall

Final Clubs Face Scrutiny

Harvard's unrecognized social clubs saw a year of unprecedented scrutiny as administrators put pressure on them to go co-ed.

Drew G. Faust

Ten Stories That Shaped 2015

2015 was a tumultuous year for Harvard. Final clubs faced immense administrative pressure to go co-ed, faculty saw a proposal to overhaul the College’s General Education program, and perhaps most consequential of all, a University-wide survey revealed what administrators called a “troubling” climate of sexual assault on campus. Amidst a fast-paced capital campaign and Title IX scrutiny, Harvard’s top administrators were called to respond to perceived racial injustice on campus and a graduate student unionization movement. Divest Harvard protesters even blockaded University President Drew G. Faust's office for a week. At the close of a particularly turbulent year, the Crimson looks back on the ten stories that most shaped Harvard in 2015.


Undated Fox Club Report

Fox Club undergraduates contemplated how a move to go co-ed would change the dynamics of its membership, an undated report addressing concerns about the proposal shows.


Letter from Walter Foulke to A.D. Club

In a letter dated Oct. 31, A.D. Club graduate member Walter L. Foulke '61 advised other club affiliates on how the group might legally defend its male-only membership policies were Harvard to attempt to coerce it into admitting women. Foulke, a retired attorney, told The Crimson that a footnote, cut off in the letter sent to club affiliates, should read: “In Griswold, Justice Douglas writes, ‘The right of “association,” like the right of belief, is more than the right to attend a meeting; it includes the right to express one’s attitudes or philosophies by membership in a group or by affiliation with it or by other lawful means… and while [Association] is not expressly included in the First Amendment its existence is necessary in making the express guarantee fully meaningful.’”

Crimson-UC Crossfire Debate

Undergraduate Council Elections 2015

<p>As three tickets gear up to run to lead the Undergraduate Council next year, The Crimson breaks down each of their backgrounds and their platforms and proposals. Shaiba Rather ’17 and Danny Banks ’17 run on a platform to “open” Harvard; William A. Greenlaw ’17 and William F. Morris IV ’17 are trying to connect their personal experiences to their platform; and UC outsiders Nick E. Gajdzik ’16-’17 and Jeffrey M. Ott ’16-’17, draw attention to the issues that varsity athletes on campus face. </p>

The Tab at Harvard Website
Student Publications

The Tab at Harvard Website

The Harvard section of a new publication, The Tab, is heavy on references to College freshmen and writing in the first-person.

Xavier J. Dietrich

​Xavier J. Dietrich

Pilnio T. DeGoes

​Plinio T. DeGoes

Mike Connolly

Mike Connolly

Nadeem A. Mazen

​Nadeem A. Mazen

Mayor Maher

​David P. Maher