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A Declaration Of Love

There is such an art to being a good friend, and my friends express this art in many forms: their perfectly crafted and well-timed supportive texts, their mastery of my bad moods, their aptitude for making me feel validated. These acts are profound.


Misadventures in Meditation

Sometimes, I don’t want to look into my mind because I’m afraid of what I might find there. But there’s a beautiful aesthetic to life, and this aesthetic exists in my internal world as well as my external one.


Realizing Race

The film is far from perfect, but it performs the difficult and important job of forcing its viewers to think about those touchy things that might make them angry, or uncomfortable, or confused. And those feelings are certainly a start.


TBH, I love TBTs

At school, I feel as if I’m constantly losing parts of the person I was for those eighteen years before I came here.


The Real World?

We have been given a gift here, but we are often so stressed out about how to make the most of it that we miss the mark.


Freshman Survey: Tl;dr

The freshman survey will make you laugh, because, much like this op-ed, some of it does not make sense.


Sometimes, I Wish Boys Would Talk to Me

Last week, I asked four of my male friends whether they considered themselves feminists. All four said no.


Holler At Me, Datamatch

I’m eternally thankful that, unlike many women who came before me and many women around the world today, my future does not depend on finding a husband.


Being Sophomoric

The transition from the glamorous life of a socialite in the bustling metropolis of Harvard Square to a rugged cabin lifestyle in the rural Quad wilderness has been harder than expected.


I Need Some “Us” Time

Balance means not only taking time for oneself but also taking time to be human. We really can derive so much strength from each other, and it is a shame not to tap into the power source that sincere communication and time spent with others can provide.


The Climate We Ask For

The U.S. could help shape the international debate on climate change, but it chooses not to because U.S. citizens have yet to demand the discussion.


Harvard-Yale 2014

Playing with the Rules

Playing With The Rules


Title IX Complaints in Higher Education

Art Museum Feature
Visual Arts

Newly Opened, Art Museums Prepare To Engage Undergrads