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The People

I’ve found my peers here to be generally smart and impressive. But, like me, their insights and accomplishments are not constantly breathtaking.


You’re Not Special No. 2

As the Class of 2016 prepares to graduate, we’re all asking ourselves this big question: Are we going to be special? And if we define success as specialness, will we be successful? …Well, probably not.


You Know Who Doesn’t Deserve to be Here?

Every other article in The Crimson is about this kind of topic.


Why the Facebook Argument Is the Best Thing to Happen at Harvard since Facebook

Oddly enough, the cesspool of data, cat videos, porn, and Yahoo Answers known as the Internet has accidentally spawned a debate platform that combines peer-review, live debate, and social interaction.


Our Immoral Amoral Harvard Education

If Harvard really wants us to make a positive difference, it cannot simply tell us to do so.


Friendzoning Harvard

Loneliness, the real loneliness of having many people around and many things to do but no one to really be with, is a well-documented phenomenon on this campus.


Empathy for the Elephant in the Room

Conservatives on campus are not uniformly self-interested white boys who prance through final clubs on trust fund money.


Dear Pre-Frosh: Why You Should Go to Harvard

It’s about the fun meet-ups, the joking put-downs, the scandalous hook-ups, and the raging throw-downs. And, most importantly, it’s about spontaneous water gun fights with your roommates to kick off the weekend on a spring day.


Bring Journey to Yardfest

It all boils down to the fact that if we continue to aim for popular, new artists, we’ll never match up to the lineups at other schools. Instead of trying to compete with other spring festivals, we should make Yardfest a new concert genre unto its own.


Completely Floored

I fear, in general, that our reverence for grand changes—the unchecked cult of worship surrounding those like Zuckerberg—can blind us to the merits of more modest, but surely good, change.


Just Kickback, Harvard

Kickbacks are a good opportunity to relax over the weekend, after a long week. They provide a social outlet that is safer than binge drinking. And, most importantly, they’re fun.


You’re Not Special

Don’t get me wrong: Feeling special is generally good. It inspires self-worth, the confidence to take risks, and an onus to make change in the world. And yet, unhampered, it can distort perspectives.


Legacy’s Last Leg

So, overall, is legacy a “nice thing?”


Pooping in Lamont Library

At a place like college, it’s easy to appreciate the stars in an astrophysics class or the grand stories of times long ago in a history class.

Friend List

Too Much Diversity?

For now, in an unideal world, it’s best to strive for another ideal: to think of groups that share a common trait as a group of diverse individuals, who may or may not share so much more. Here, or anywhere else really, there are no rooms covered in mirrors.