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School at School

What We Forget About School: School

Only by working to reverse-engineer a cutthroat admissions process can we tackle mental health issues and improve the academic environment on campus.


The Basic Humanity of Humanities Concentrators

If you have a problem with the humanities, please tell me. And tell me straight.


Dash to Wall Street

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon, Mr. Money-Smith.


A Mid-College Crisis

We may toss personal hygiene and other practical concerns out the wayside in college, but we can’t let our current drive overcome our need to deeply ponder our impractical, larger concerns as well, right now.


Café Winthrop

But at a time when mental health is on everyone’s mind, the inefficiency of Harvard’s meals may just be what students really need.

Awkward Eye Contact

Let’s Talk about Campus-Eye-Contact-Culture

What is “campus-eye-contact-culture?” It’s a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, and multi-hyphenated term that I just made up, and it encompasses the set of behaviors surrounding eye-contact on campus.

The Tree

Why the Environment Sucks

At the end of the day, nature is dirty. And it completely goes against our clean, man-made world.

Ahsante Bean

A Stanford Fantasy

So between any two schools—whether it be Stanford and Harvard; Harvard and BU; or Stanford and Moorpark Community College—comparisons are something best left for the movies.

The H-Bomb

Testing the H-Bomb

I think the women here are more attractive than the men—probably because they have larger breasts than the men. However, these findings do support what seems like a pretty commonly held undergraduate belief that the guys are hotter than the girls. At least, that’s the opinion I’ve heard from guys. I haven’t heard much from the girls, even though I do talk to girls. Definitely.


Pfister and Gus

Early this semester, the administration announced that Interim Dean Donald H. Pfister will step down in July. Although Harvard fungi have probably been celebrating non-stop in anticipation of Daddy’s return, most of Harvard’s non-tremella-fuciformis-beings have expressed sadness at the approach of his departure—myself included.


Primal Scream No. 2

Sometimes, it takes a bunch of penises to let you know life is going by.


The Game of Undertones

Since the beginning of sports, or at least since High School Musical 2 hit theaters, athleticism has been seen as against academics.


Farting in Winthrop Library

Like middle school, a lot of social interactions at Harvard are awkward. Many chalk this up to differences in backgrounds between students. But I also think there is another source to it—the variety of ages we portray.


This Column is Experimenting

The truth is, hooking up is good or bad depending on who you are and where you’ve been (that’s as literal as you want it to be).


Psy and Psychology

In April, the Korean pop-star sensation Psy, known for “Gangam Style,” visited Harvard to talk in Memorial Church. He was introduced by a couple of professors. For a while, they talked about globalizing Korean pop culture. The hall, in the meantime, fluctuated between a state of academic-induced sleep and nervous excitement, while the pop-star waited outside.

Free Time

In Search of Lost Time

Photo Man
Ivy League

Beyond The Silver Screen

Larry, In His Element

Professor Summers

Data Sculpture
Visual Arts

Painting by the Numbers: Data Visualization