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Of Monsters And Men

Put simply, “Cargo” succeeds because it eschews the urge to read some deeper symbolism into the zombie apocalypse and instead embraces zombies’ meaning on their own as the ultimate negation of what it means to be human. In the face of zombification, we see a man wordlessly struggle to preserve those elements he fears he will lose.


To Roger Ebert: For Giving Us So Much

On Thursday morning, my plan was to write this article about Tyga. I wasn’t entirely sure where it would go; the initial impetus had something to do with timing, how the announcement dovetailed with public outcry over the verdict in the Steubenville rape trial. If I had an extra column, I might still have written that. But at 3:41 p.m., something much more pressing came up. On Thursday afternoon, Roger Ebert, a revered film critic and a personal idol, died at the age of 70.


Error 37: Must Construct Additional Servers

SimCity is in a State of Emergency. Three weeks ago, everything looked to be perfectly in place for Electronic Arts’ first major installment in the series since 2003’s SimCity 4. The marketing was massive and, if the number of pre-sales and digital downloads was any indicator, working.


Tweets Of The Southern Wild

With the ever-tactless Seth MacFarlane for a host, there was never any doubt that this year’s Academy Awards broadcast would ruffle a fair amount of feathers. For all of its other failings, the ceremony certainly delivered spectacularly on that front; it took a scant few minutes for the “Family Guy” creator to offend just about the entire audience in an opening number cleverly titled “I Saw Your Boobs.”


In Praise of Criticism

Then there’s “Les Misérables.” The controversy there can be boiled down to one word: really?