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We Don't Care: Celebrate the Last Days of Classes

Well, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. With That Which Shall Not Be Named looming around the corner, there are only a few days of classes left! Whether you are sad to be finishing Fairytales or overjoyed to leave CS50 behind, it’s time to shed your shyness and go a little crazy in the classroom. Here are a few things you could do in lecture or section to leave with a resounding bang.

Flyby Blog

The Five Stages of Returning Home

The prospect of heading home for Thanksgiving is making us all giddy with excitement. The food, the friends, the relaxation, oh my! Here are five stages you may experience during your time at home; hopefully things won’t go any worse.


13 Apps Everyone Should Have

As we struggle throughout the mayhem of our college years, here are a few tips and tricks in app form to get you through the week. Channel your inner Bob Barker as you read this.

Conan O'Brien
Harvard in the World

Conan: “Give a White Male From Harvard a Freakin' Chance!”

As much as we love that Conan C. O’Brien '85 was once one of us Harvard students, we can’t help but lament his participation in the the Harvard Lampoon, a semi-secret Sorrento Square social organization that used to occasionally publish a so-called humor magazine.

On Campus

Boy, Oh Boy: 10 Freshman Boys You Meet at Harvard

Given the fact that we have shaken hands with over a hundred guys since setting foot at Harvard, we feel as though we’ve gotten a thorough first impression of all of you. Here’s a list of our favorite categories for the lads—try to figure out which mark you left on us ladies.

Flyby Campus

Ugh, Rain: A Rant

One day, it’s bright and sunny and lovely. You get up the next morning and bam. Rain. It’s back.

On Campus

How to Spot a New Yorker

Because there just weren’t enough Buzzfeed articles about it, and we guarantee that this post will someday save your life, here is a Harvard Student’s Guide to Spotting a True New Yorker.

Student Groups

Not Another Polaroid, Please!

University President Drew G. Faust recently told The Crimson that administrators havesecured a donor for a campus center. It won’t be under construction right away, but we at Flyby have some recommendations for how Harvard can avoid a concrete catastrophe.