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Harvard Teaching Campaign Petition

English Dept. Looks To Limit Writing Course Section Sizes

​Sections for writing intensive courses in the English department now look to include 12 to 15 students—smaller than the 18 or so students targeted in most lecture courses.

Central Administration

Provost Lauds HarvardX, But Questions Its Financial Sustainability

Alan M. Garber '76 projected that the current models for funding Harvard's branch of the virtual education platform are unsustainable, given the high monetary and time cost of generating online material.


In Change of Plan, Lessig Says He Would Stay on As President

​In response to widespread confusion and disapproval surrounding his unconventional bid for the United States presidency, Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig has fundamentally altered his campaign strategy, pledging to remain in the position instead of vacating it as he had previously promised.

Student Life

Graduate Students Respond to Sexual Assault Survey Findings

Graduate students who reported being sexually harassed at Harvard when surveyed last spring were more likely to identify an offender as a faculty member than their undergraduate counterparts.

"We are Workers"

GSAS Dean Reaffirms Opposition to Grad Student Union

The student unionization effort, which follows similar movements at peer schools and went public last spring, is gaining steam, recruiting and soliciting signatures from potential members.

Central Administration

Elliott Draws on Scholarship as International Affairs​​ Provost

Colleagues say East Asian Languages and Civilizations professor Mark Elliott provides valuable expertise to Harvard's global outreach.


At the Margin: Harvard Economics’ Precarious Spot on Top

The Economics department has recently lost several faculty members to other schools, highlighting the rise of rival programs and the relatively lower facilities at Harvard.

Ferguson Apologizes for Comments
Breaking News

Historian Niall Ferguson Will Leave Harvard for Stanford

Historian Niall Ferguson will become a full-time senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, an American public policy think tank, after 12 years at Harvard.

First Faculty Meeting of the Year Takes Place in University Hall

Faust Gives ‘General Principles’ for Gen Ed at Faculty Meeting

University President Drew G. Faust weighed in on reforming the beleaguered General Education program as the Faculty discusses reforms ahead of a major vote expected at the end of this semester.

First Faculty Meeting of the Year Takes Place in University Hall

Faculty Decry Attrition of Tenure-Track Women

Only 66 percent of women on schedule to be considered for promotions to full professors last year remained at Harvard for the final stage of that process, compared with 78 percent of men.

FAS Endowment Growth

Faculty Growth Stalls Again in 2015, Report Says

After a year that saw a spike in faculty growth for the first time since the financial crisis, the size of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences stalled again in fiscal year 2015.

FAS Campaign Progress
Student Life

Two Years In, FAS Campaign Focuses on Struggling Priorities

The fundraising drive will now focus on priorities that have received fewer donations, namely house renewal and funding for new teaching techniques.

Yale Campus

For Gen Ed, Harvard Faculty Oppose a System Like Yale's

As the College reviews its General Education program that is “failing on a variety of fronts,” its New Haven rival has maintained a set of distribution requirements as its core curriculum.

Sexual Misconduct at Harvard and Other Schools

In the Wake of Sexual Assault Survey, Faculty Assess Their Role

While the roles of administrators and students in addressing issues of sexual assault are scrutinized, faculty members are unsure of their own role in solving an issue that affects so many of their students.

Campaigning for Lessig

Campaigning for Lessig

Teo, Larry Lessig's son, cheers on his father's presidential campaign after Lessig declared his candidacy in early September.