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Karl. M Aspelund covers the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Administration for the 143rd guard.

Crimson staff writer Karl M. Aspelund can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @karlaspelund.

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Student Groups

The Harvard Foundation Adjusts to a Diversified Community

In the past three decades, as the Harvard community has diversified, the Foundation has stepped up its role in supporting the activities and collaboration of student organizations, transforming the way that it influences cultural dialogue on campus.

Winklevoss Twins

Winklevi Finally Vindicated?

Good things come to those who wait (kind of). After years of being known as the faces of dejection from "The Social Network," the Winklevoss twins have, over the last eight months, become the faces of Bitcoin. Last April, the New York Times revealed that the twins have created one of the largest portfolios of the completely digital currency out there.


Think You Have Strep Throat? There’s an App for That

Using troves of data to allow patients to know whether they are at risk for strep throat, Harvard Medical School researchers hope to lessen the number of unnecessary visits Americans make to their doctors for strep tests.


Students, Faculty Discuss Trayvon Martin Case

According to a panel of Harvard faculty members and students, the “inanity” in the killing of Trayvon Martin was not the outcome of the trial, but the laws that promote situations like it.


Journalists Describe Changing State of Media

Coates, a senior editor at “The Atlantic,” and Hertzberg, a senior editor at “The New Yorker” and former Crimson managing editor, discussed the shifting state of journalism in the United States at a lecture in MIT’s Stata Center Tuesday evening.

On Campus

5 Ways to Not Get Sick

The crisp cold air of fall, filled with swirling, fiery leaves, brings back memories of a carefree childhood. But you can’t reminisce. In fact, your mind can’t complete one clear thought. Because that guy sitting in the next carrell in Lamont has to release an earth-shattering cough every other minute. And then the girl over by the window pierces the room with a sneeze at indescribable decibel levels. And don’t even start about the mysterious sniffles that, like a sharpened knife, slice through your ear drum even when you’re blasting Beyonce on your headphones. Yes, it’s the season when everyone seems to be getting sick, and no one has the time to sleep it off. But here are some ways that you can save yourself from the coughs, sneezes, and sniffles—share them with your friends and do your part to help reduce the overall sick-noise level on campus.

Drew Faust

Group Protests Alleged Environmental Damage

Chants of “Sin justicia, no hay paz,” Spanish for “without justice, there is no peace,” filled Harvard Yard Friday as about 30 students gathered outside Massachusetts Hall to protest the findings in a report alleging environmental damage by two Harvard-owned timber companies in Argentina.


At Town Hall Meeting, Professors Discuss Future edX Improvements

Faculty members addressed how the 15-month-old online learning platform must continue to adapt pedagogically, financially, and structurally to reach its goals—expanding access, improving teaching, and advancing research.


Computer Facility Wins Green Award

A computing facility co-founded by Harvard and four other universities in Massachusetts uses outside air to chill its computers, 25 percent recycled content in its building materials, and a hydroelectric power source—features that have earned it national recognition for sustainable design.

Comissioner of competition
On Campus

European Antitrust Chief Advocates Cooperation, European Common Market

Joaquín Almunia, Europe’s antitrust chief, told an audience at the Center for European Studies Thursday afternoon that the international community needs further cooperation to fight cartels and national policies that hurt the competitiveness of the European common market.