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EdX: Expanding Education Beyond the American University

As edX continues to expand its presence overseas and partners with an increasingly diverse array of non-educational institutions, professors and students agree on the initiative’s international significance but say its precise impact on the landscape of higher education remains uncertain.

Admissions Bliss

Freshmen Reflect on Getting Accepted to Harvard

As the sun rose on last Friday, the air on Harvard’s campus was already humming with excitement as students prepared to welcome Harvard’s newest admits. Throughout the day, posts by students on the Harvard 2017 Facebook group nostalgically recalled when they themselves became prefrosh.

City Politics

Recount Confirms Original Election Results for Cambridge City Council

After nine days of recount, the Cambridge City Council elections officially came to a close on Thursday, as candidate Dennis Carlone’s victory over incumbent Minka Y. vanBeuzekom was confirmed.

The Congresswoman-Elect

The Congresswoman-Elect

Democratic State Senator Katherine Clark looks out at the crowd at her victory party Tuesday night following her election to the U.S House of Representatives.

Speaking to the Crowd

Speaking to the Crowd

Congresswoman-elect Katherine Clark addresses a gaggle of supporters and members of the media at her victory party Tuesday night.

The Congresswoman-Elect

Clark Wins Easily in Special Election to Replace Markey

Democratic State Senator Katherine Clark will fill Massachusetts's Fifth Congressional District seat, replacing U.S. Senator Edward J. Markey.

Early Admissions

Deferred? What Now?

If you are deferred, the college has essentially thrown your application back into the fire. A deferred application will be reevaluated with the regular decision applications and receive a yes or no decision sometime later in the year. The only good news is that there’s still hope. It is by no means an entirely negative thing and you shouldn’t think that it is.

Harvard Kennedy School

Panelists Consider Prison Reform

Panelists argued that the targeting of specific minority groups has infused the American criminal justice system with racial and socioeconomic bias at an event Thursday night.


Group Petitions for Public Toilet in Harvard Square

Advocates for a Common Toilet, a new coalition comprised of area churches and businesses, is petitioning the city to build a public restroom in Harvard Square.


Class of 1968 Continues Longest-Running Class Reunion Show

The show has become a tradition for many Harvard reunions after members of the Class of 1968 first performed it at their 15th reunion, and is the longest running class reunion show in the history of Harvard College, according to the show’s music director and pianist Peter M. Larson ’68.


Harvard Affiliates Reflect on, Respond to Government Reopening

In the wake of the government’s reopening after a 16-day shutdown, affected Harvard affiliates have begun their gradual return to normalcy, though some expressed concerns that the impact will not be fully curtailed in the immediate future.


Hanspeter Pfister To Lead Institute for Applied Computational Sciences

Computer science professor Hanspeter Pfister was named director of the Institute for Applied Computational Sciences at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences last Monday. Pfister is taking the place of physics professor Efthimios Kaxiras, who has led the Institute since its founding in 2010.


Chris Matthews Criticizes Republicans Playing Hardball in Fiscal Fight

During a presentation Thursday at the COOP, the political commentator answered questions about issues ranging from partisanship to the government shutdown.