Shahrukh H. Khan

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Peau Brune, Masques Blancs

Prevailing sentiments within most circles equate beauty, goodness, and success with fair skin color.


Paying College Athletes

Because of all the money that goes into sports, paying varsity athletes who put in significant time and effort should be a serious consideration for college athletic departments.


Ebonics Debunked

It wouldn’t hurt to let Ebonics-speaking students know that Ebonics isn’t bad and that Standard English isn’t better, and that they should be used in different contexts.


America Needs to Get Over Ebola

The paranoia Ebola is causing is probably disrupting daily affairs more than the disease itself.


The Clique: A Harvard Essential

Where do you go for help, comfort, and solace?


The Chinese Mirage: Why Soft Power Matters

Economic superiority does not necessarily mean complete dominance of world affairs.


A Sweet Tooth For Candy Crush

The creators of Candy Crush beautifully exploited human psychology in order to engineer a highly addictive product—but one that that will nonetheless go the way of all fads.