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Fifteen Most Interesting

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It seems like just about everyone on campus has a secret talent, or has noticed and tried to fix injustices in our world, or has achieved creative and academic heights.

Food and Drink

Laura Goes To IHOP

Heat and fluorescence and red-blue-yellow cleanliness spilled out across the sidewalk in a broad half-moon. IHOP glowed with silent vulgarity.

15 Most Interesting Seniors: Meg Panetta
Fifteen Most Interesting

Meg G. Panetta

Meg G. Panetta ’17 is a gentle soul. Her voice is very quiet. “I was a strange little kid,” she says. “I feel like most people are.”

Hillary on Poster Tree

Hillary, I Presume?

A free-wheeling odyssey through the heart of the Harvard electorate.

Laura Hatt

Thanks, Sorry, I Have To Go

It is 2 a.m. in Cannes and I am alone on a dark boardwalk. Well—not alone.

Nancy Cott

Nancy F. Cott

Cott is one of the country’s leading gender historians, and she’s spent the last half-century researching, documenting, and testifying against gender-based injustice.

Up In Hutchins

Building a Field of Dreams: Henry Louis Gates Jr. and the Afro-American Studies Department

​When Department Chair Nathan I. Huggins died in December of 1989, it looked like the end of Afro-American Studies at Harvard.


LBJ Wants Your GPA: The Vietnam Exam

In 1965, a college education was no longer a get-out-of-jail free card for the Vietnam War.

Kirkland Clam Chowder
Around Town

Unchowdered Territory

I approach the bar and sit next to an older man with an empty bowl. “What’s in the New England clam chowder?” I ask him. “Blood. Sweat. Clams,” says the man, with a thousand-yard stare.


You Say You Want a Revolution

Before Reed was a fearless revolutionary, he was a lonely Harvard student.

Out of Sight but in Your Ears
Around Town

Out of Sight, In Your Ear

Inside, I find the ’70s. Black Sabbath howls on vinyl in the corner. Bon Jovi and Def Leppard scowl out from crates of CDs and 45s.

Hillary Clinton

15 Minutes with Ellen Fitzpatrick

America has seen a strong female candidate in two of the last three presidential elections. Historian Ellen Fitzpatrick, author of “The Highest Glass Ceiling: Women’s Quest for the American Presidency,” weighs in.


Clementines In The Snow

The cold is a feature of national identity, and cold immunity is a point of national pride.

Sierra in Adams Courtyard
Fifteen Most Interesting

Sierra L. Katow

Sierra Katow is funny. Really, really funny.


Alternate Departmental Slogans

​Terrified by impending concentration declaration deadlines? Overwhelmed by questions of purpose and identity? Scrabbling desperately for a one-and-done guide to a major life decision? Look no further. Through a process of extensive field research, FM learned everything about 10 potential departments. Below, we summarize.