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Nian Hu

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Scared to Be a Feminist

It’s scary to be a feminist, and it’s scary to speak out about gender inequality—but only, apparently, if you’re a woman.


Check Your Privilege

Privilege has nothing to do with individuals, and everything to do with larger power systems and structures in society.


Beware the Male Feminist

Feminism does not need men.


Let Me Take a Selfie

What’s frightening about selfie culture is that it shows that women do not need men to validate their beauty.


How the Women’s March Failed Women

Feminism without intersectionality is just another manifestation of white supremacy and patriarchy.

Basic Bitch

The problem, therefore, is not only that activities are arbitrarily ascribed “masculine” or “feminine,” but also that activities ascribed as “feminine” are necessarily seen as inferior, weak, and frivolous.


The Glass Ceiling

Many of us waited with bated breath, ready to hear the sound of millions of tiny glass shards crashing down, ready to bask in the sight of a limitless blue sky stretching up above, ready to live in a world where a woman can be President of the United States.


Side Effects

The birth control pill has played an instrumental role in women’s liberation. But it’s time for us to demand something better.


We All Know a Donald Trump

We should hold Donald Trump accountable for his disgusting endorsement and perpetration of sexual assault. And we should also hold the men on our very own campus accountable for perpetuating similarly degrading and misogynistic attitudes.


Sexist Science

Scientists are socialized and influenced by the same societal pressures as the rest of us. As a result, even though the scientific process tries to be as objective as possible, scientists are human beings with implicit bias, just like everyone else.


Domestic Violence

Toxic masculinity isn’t only harmful because it condones only one way for men to behave; it also contributes to domestic violence by leading men to believe that they must establish dominance over women, and that they can do so through violence.


Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Feminism, therefore, is about empowering people to make their own choices, rather than the choices that society has already made for them.



It’s on us to respect women, to treat them as autonomous human beings rather than objects or extensions of men, and to listen to the voices of rape survivors. It’s on us to do better.


A World Without Rape

I think it’s “incredibly difficult” to hear about how many young women are sexually assaulted, about how their “no’s” fell upon deaf ears, about how they were forced to engage in sexual acts against their will, about how they were penetrated and physically violated while unconscious.


Naked Bodies

It seems that we are far more comfortable telling women what to do with their bodies than asking men to simply stop sexualizing women’s bodies.