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Lifeless Plants

Epistolary Etiquette: How to Tell Your Roommate His Plant Is Dead

Your plant is dead. Clean up after yourself.

I, Too, Am Harvard

Kimiko M. Matsuda-Lawrence

Kimiko Matsuda Lawrence promoted the now-famous "I, Too, Am Harvard."


Choose Your Own Dinner With Grandma

Choose your own adventure with a Thanksgiving twist. Where will yours lead?


Ulitskaya’s ‘The Big Green Tent’ Capacious and Compelling

"The Big Green Tent" is not a book one may quickly breeze through, but Ulitskaya’s epic will reward patience, a love of literature, and an eye for detail with a brutally stark portrait of her homeland’s darkest years.


On the Trail

I was miserable, the thought wheezed, I should go home. And it never quite left. Two months later, when my dog’s cancer was close to consuming him, I called it quits and got on the next flight to Boston.


Reading the 2015 Boston Book Festival

This year's festival aims to attract an ever more diverse audience by maintaining free admission and continuing their "One City One Story" program.

Student Life

Hovertrax Attax

​In the world of personal transportation, evolution is inevitable. Tricycles to bicycles, roller skates to rollerblades, horse-drawn carriages to the latest model Ferrari. Some modes of transportation, however, are destined for evolutionary failure. Call it Darwinism, call it harsh, call it the truth. Segways are one of these modes of transportation.

Student Life

Harvard's Favorite Turkey

You wake with the sun, in a fowl mood. The ground is rough beneath your bony feet, and you taste the regret of your previous night in bilious waves rippling up your gullet.

Talking Tea in Lowell Courtyard
On Campus

Tea with Strangers

This is Tea with Strangers, an organization that facilitates casual conversations amongst groups of strangers, with the goal of creating intimate communities in large cities.

1965 Reunion: HSA Passport Stamps

HSA-Run Charter Flights Flew High Over Allegations

Criticisms of HSA’s transparency and business practices from members of the student body abounded in the period between the University asking HSA to prepare “a complete report” on its charter flight services and its decision that reaffirmed HSA’s monopoly.

Year in Review

New Classes

Some new additions to the course catalogue.


'My Struggle' Doesn't Struggle to Succeed

In “Book Four,” Knausgaard peels backs the curtains on his early years and brings forth a brutally honest story that remains hard to tear away from despite being incredibly mundane.

Student Life

Dating on a BoardPlus Budget

Between sleeping in section and not doing the reading, it can be hard to squeeze in an evening out with your squeeze. And then, there are monetary concerns.

"The Architect's Apprentice."

'Architect's Apprentice' a Detailed but Imperfect Construction

The themes are obvious and powerful, but do not beget much discussion. For these reasons, "The Architect's Apprentice" is a pleasure to read, but not a novel that stays with one for long.


Taking Pause: Shabbat at Harvard

The fourth of the Ten Commandments tells its followers they should no do any work on the Sabbath day. “Work,” here, doesn’t just refer to your 9-to-5, but is rather understood to mean any act creates or exercises control over one’s surroundings. This places a number of restrictions upon the observer, which range from not using electricity to not writing, and even to not tying knots.