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University Hall

Faculty Council Will Vote on Allen Motion Again

The Faculty Council will vote again on an amended version of Government Professor Danielle S. Allen’s motion on College social policy, potentially revising their unanimous vote of support for the motion last month.

Faust at the Economic Club
University Finances

Faust Lobbies Congress to Maintain Research Funding Levels

On her most recent trips to Washington, Faust has added yet another pressing, albeit more quotidian, item to her lobbying agenda: keeping the lights on in Harvard’s labs.

Adams House Renewal

During Adams Renewal, Some Won't Need Swing Housing

The renewal of Adams House will progress in stages, with students remaining in the House while others live in swing housing. The dining hall will likely remain open.

GSAS's Dudley House

More Administrators Defend Michelle Jones Decision

FAS Dean Michael D. Smith added that the Marshall Project “says they’re just an independent media organization, but that’s not what it looks like to me.”

Dean Smith

Faculty Could Have Final Say on Social Group Policy

Smith's comments come as University President Drew G. Faust prepares to choose one of three options for the future of undergraduate social life.

GSAS's Dudley House

Faculty Question Administrators over Rejection of Michelle Jones

Interim Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Emma Dench said there was nothing “unusual” about Harvard’s decision to not admit Michelle Jones.

Faculty Meeting
Student Life

Faculty Hotly Debate Social Policy Motions, Report

At the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ monthly meeting Tuesday, professors did not mince words describing Harvard’s unrecognized social organizations.

University President Drew G. Faust

Social Science Chairs Meet with Presidential Search Committee Representatives

Chairs from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences discussed their preferences for a presidential candidate, but agreed not to bring up names of specific candidates for the job.

Faculty Meeting
Student Life

Once Again, Faculty To Debate Social Life Sanctions

One year after Faculty discussion formally began on Harvard’s historic penalties on final clubs and Greek organizations, two critical developments may change the nature of the debate at Tuesday’s meeting of the full Faculty.

Lowell House Construction
Mike Smith

Financial Woes Slow House Renewal

FAS receives about half of its income from the University’s endowment, so it’s been hit particularly hard by several years of lackluster returns.

Fly Club
Final Clubs

Faculty Committee Offers Alternatives to Social Group Ban in Final Report

The committee suggested that the University instead consider a full social group ban as one of several possible options for reshaping social life at the College.

University Hall

Professors Condemn Rejection of Michelle Jones

Over 150 professors are condemning Harvard’s decisions to deny Ph.D. program admission to ex-inmate Michelle Jones and rescind a fellowship offer to Chelsea Manning.

Postdocs Graphic

Grad Student Who Obtained Restraining Order Against Adviser Expelled

The Harvard graduate student who obtained a restraining order against his adviser has been expelled, though his battle in court continues.

University Hall
Student Groups

Faculty Will Discuss Lewis Motion at October Meeting, Vote in November

The controversial faculty motion that may decide the future of Harvard undergraduate social life will go before the full Faculty at their monthly meeting on October 3, but will not be voted on until November, according to Faculty Council member David L. Howell.

First Day of CS50

As Gen Ed Transitions, Unexpected Courses Fulfill Requirements

This change in the categorization of some classes is the byproduct of a transition to a new General Education system set to take full effect in the fall of 2018.