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"Dark Magicians"
Around Town

"Dark Magicians"

Hannah Cousins of Newburyport, M.A. and friends wait in the blocks-long line to get into the Anime Boston convention, dressed and posing as characters from "Yuh-Gi-Oh."

"Dark Magicians"

Cosplaying the Field

Bringing a new kind of cultural flair to an otherwise average March weekend, Anime Boston is a three-day convention located at the Hynes Convention Center and Sheraton Boston.


High Fly, Spend Low

Kathryn J. Gundersen ’17 catches mistake fares in order to travel the world.

Pop Up Restaurant
Food and Drink

Pop Up Restaurant

Pop Up Restaurant
Food and Drink

Pop-Up Perfection

The first course of the night is served, a one-bite “snack” of daikon (a type of radish) pickled in a mostarda and wrapped up in mini taco form with Italian goat cheese and powdered soybean. Eyes widen around the table as we begin to realize what’s about to come out of Friedman’s makeshift kitchen.

Harvard's Widener Library

Consulting Harvard

Tiger Club Tutoring is just one of many student-run college admissions consulting businesses springing up across the nation; it’s also just one of many student-run college admissions consulting businesses at Harvard.

On Campus

Hey Professor: Tourism Photography with Robin Kelsey

​In the era of vacation photoshoots, iPhone cameras, and “doing it for the Insta,” 21st century vacations often include more time spent camera-in-hand than not. History of Art and Architecture Chair Robin E. Kelsey, who specializes in the history of photography, sits down with FM to chat about our tourist tendencies.​

Harvard-Yale Outfit Option #4

Anatomy of a Harvard Yale Outfit

You may have it all figured out, but you’re missing one key detail. What are you supposed to wear to the The Game?

Student Life

Roofs and Tunnels

Entrances to the tunnels are hard to find and even harder to access. For a select group of Harvard undergrads, though, the secrecy and inaccessibility of the tunnels are the reason they’re interesting at all.


A Look Inside: Warren House

​On the outskirts of Harvard Yard lies an incongruous yellow house. Lacking the domineering sophistication of the Faculty Club and the Barker Center’s frenetic influx of students, the yellow farmhouse is comparatively modest, with nothing but a small placard on the door to inform you that you are inside Warren House. ​

Student Life

Out to Lunch with Aaron Slipper

Aaron A. G. Slipper ’18 shepherds us to the secret home of the Science Center's sole easy-access stapler. “This is one of the less exciting parts of the day here, but wait until we get to class,” Slipper tells us, stapling his problem set on the way to Algebraic Topology.


Hutchins Center

W.E.B. DuBois’s face greets me as soon as I step off the elevator and into the Hutchins Center. His mural on the wall is my first indication of the work that happens here, and I’m instantly aware that I’m stepping into a very special space. The W.E.B. DuBois Research Institute is the “anchor” of the Hutchins Center, according to Executive Director Abby Wolf, and DuBois’s perceptive and trailblazing spirit lives on in the aims of this place.

Student Life

Hovertrax Attax

​In the world of personal transportation, evolution is inevitable. Tricycles to bicycles, roller skates to rollerblades, horse-drawn carriages to the latest model Ferrari. Some modes of transportation, however, are destined for evolutionary failure. Call it Darwinism, call it harsh, call it the truth. Segways are one of these modes of transportation.