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Murr Center
Men's Soccer

Athletics Implements Cultural Overhaul Following Controversies

Athletics Director Robert L. Scalise called last academic year "the best of times and the worst of times."

2012 Team
Men's Soccer

Men’s Soccer Scandal Subject of Business School Case Study

​A widely-publicized incident last year at Harvard Athletics has become a subject of study for the department’s neighbors at Harvard Business School.

Champion Again

Athletics Department Pilots Student Marketing Program

Some student-athletes will be stepping into a new role as part of a new marketing initiative within the Athletics Department aimed at boosting game attendance and team awareness.

Murr Center

Athletics Department to Overhaul Complaints Process

The Athletics Department will create “a protocol for receiving and acting on complaints of gender inequities” and provide “conflict resolution training” for coaches and staff following a series of scandals last year.

The Murr Center
Student Life

Embattled Distance Running Coach Steps Down

Patrick Wales-Dinan, a track coach who was the subject of several investigations into his leadership of the women’s distance running program, will step down from his position.

Harvard Stadium
Department of Athletics

Par for the Course?

High-profile scandals have pushed the normally low-profile Athletics Department into the national spotlight this year.

Women's Rugby

'Unequal Treatment'

Members of the women's rugby team have penned letters to University President Drew G. Faust and sparked investigations into what they call an "intrinsic culture of sexism" in the Athletics Department.


Former Track Coach Charged with Child Pornography Distribution

​Former Harvard track coach Walter W. Johnson ’71 was arrested and charged with the possession and distribution of child pornography Thursday.

The Murr Center
Department of Athletics

In Harvard’s Athletics Department, A Stark Wage Gap

​The coaches of men’s athletic teams at Harvard make significantly more money than coaches of women’s teams, a disparity the Athletics Department is considering as part of a review of how it compensates its coaching staff.

The Murr Center

Athletics Department Begins Assessment of Program Culture

​After a series of highly-publicized incidents, Harvard Athletics has begun working with a team of consultants to review the culture of the department’s 42 varsity programs.

The Murr Center
Student Life

A Team Divided

As Patrick Wales-Dinan has led the women’s distance running program to new heights, he’s also been the subject of controversy and administrative investigation.

Hillary Clinton Visits Harvard
Harvard Law School

Hillary Clinton Visits Harvard

Hillary Clinton was on campus Friday as part of the “American Secretaries of State Project: Diplomacy, Negotiation, and Statecraft.”

Men's Soccer

Across Country, Men’s Athletics Teams Investigated for Explicit Remarks

After reports in The Crimson prompted administrative action against Harvard athletic teams, allegations of similar practices on men's athletics teams at four other colleges and universities​ have spurred administrative action.

Dean Fitzsimmons

College Accepts 14.5 Percent of Early Applicants to Class of 2021

​The College admitted 938 early applicants to the Class of 2021 Tuesday, representing 14.5 percent of its 6,473 applicants for early admission and a five percent increase in early applicants compared to last year.


Students Use New Hist and Lit Field to Explore Ethnic Studies

The Modern World field allows students to more easily explore topics such as migration and diaspora at a time when many students have been calling for increased ethnic studies course offerings and an ethnic studies department.