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City Politics

Allston Task Force Chair Opens First Meeting of 2016

Harvard detailed two updates to its Allston plans Thursday at a mostly conflict-free Harvard-Allston Task Force meeting.

Master Planning

Harvard Updates Allston Development Plans

Over the last two weeks, the Boston Redevelopment Authority has published two online amendments to Harvard’s Institutional Master Plan, the University’s blueprint for its Allston developments.


Allston Rental Rates Decrease in 2015

Rental prices in Allston have gone down over the course of the past year, according to a recent report, and Harvard may have helped.

Slow Bone Barbecue Joint
FM Travel Issue

Slow Bone Barbecue Joint

FM Travel Issue


Slow Bone Barbecue Joint
Food and Drink

Eating My Way Across the United States

It was, without a doubt, the best brisket I’ve ever eaten—thick slabs of meat, blackened around the edges, yet nonetheless so tender it melted immediately in my mouth.

Unveiling West Station

BRA Eyes Allston Railyard Planning in Shadow of Harvard

The Boston Redevelopment Authority gave a public presentation Wednesday night to discuss plans for Harvard-owned land in Allston, soon to be a site of tumultuous activity as the Massachusetts Department of Transportation straightens the portion of the Massachusetts Turnpike running through the land parcel.

Allston Task Force Meeting Locations Graph

Allstonians Frustrated with New Location of Meetings

​As Harvard marches forward with Allston construction, some local residents say getting to Harvard-Allston Task Force meetings to make their voices heard is too much of a hike.

Future Harvard Innovation Wet Lab Building

Harvard to Construct Biotech ‘Life Lab’ in Allston

Pending approval by the City of Boston, the proposed Life Lab will feature 36 lab benches, fume hoods, tissue culture and microscopy facilities, a private faculty-in-residence lab suite, conference rooms, and co-working spaces to support team planning.

Allston Update Map

Breaking Ground: New Allston Projects Underway

As Harvard breaks ground on new projects and continues with others, Allston residents can expect years of construction in their neighborhood.

Harvard-Allston Task Force Meeting
City Politics

Allston Task Force Leadership Change Rekindles Debate

A recent leadership change in the Harvard-Allston Task Force, a neighborhood advisory body on issues related to Harvard’s development projects in Allston, has rekindled debate over the transparency of the group’s member selection process.

199 Allston
City Politics

In Allston, Lucky 42 Offered Dibs on Housing on Harvard Land

Forty-two applicants were chosen on Monday from a lottery pool of 386 to rent affordable housing units constructed in a residential and retail complex located on Harvard-owned land in Allston.

The Wait

William James Hall Upgrades Elevators, Causing Delays

The elevator is not broken but is undergoing renovation as part of a larger upgrade process begun last July. Each elevator car takes 14 weeks to update and all three elevators should be operational again in May.

SEAS Will Move to Allston Science Complex
Harvard in the City

After Land Rights Deal, Harvard Continues Allston Expansion

Harvard and railroad company CSX Transportation completed a deal that gave the University full rights to more than 19 acres of Allston land, one of several recent Allston land deals between Harvard, CSX, and the Massachusetts state government.

Nadeem A. Mazen
City Politics

City Councillor Leads Effort Advocating $15 Minimum Wage

Cambridge City Councillor Nadeem A. Mazen is spearheading an effort to raise Cambridge’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, though it remains unclear whether such a policy shift would affect Harvard.