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The Lightning Rod: Race and Admissions at Harvard

The American debate surrounding race-conscious admissions has centered, to a large extent, on Harvard.

University Hall

New Faculty Motion Opposes Enforcement Plan for Sanctions

A professor tasked with reevaluating the College's social group policy filed a motion opposing a proposed requirement that students sign a document affirming they do not belong to a single-gender final club or Greek organization.


Facing ‘Substantial’ Snow Storm, Harvard to Close Tuesday

Facing a forecasted 12 to 18 inches of snow, Harvard has closed both the University and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for the duration of the day Tuesday.

Professor Harry Lewis

Former College Dean Blasts Social Group Policy Report

Former Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis ’68 called some of the new single-gender social group recommendations “quite repellent” in a post on his personal blog.


Honor Council Members Weigh New Role Enforcing Social Group Penalties

Members of the Honor Council are weighing how to take on their newly proposed role enforcing the College’s social group penalties, with some calling the added responsibility unwelcome.

Adams All Gender Restroom

Khurana Says Protecting Transgender Rights is ‘Right Thing To Do’

“It’s a moral and ethical issue about treating people with dignity and I think Harvard College is committed to that,” Khurana said. “Period.”


Social Group Recommendations Met With Skepticism, Praise

Harvard affiliates greeted the new recommendations for the College's penalties on members of single-gender social groups with both skepticism and praise.

Khurana is a meme
FlyBy Blog

Kesh Him Outside: Khurana On His New Meme Fame

“I predict in the future everyone will have a meme about them,” Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana said in an interview Friday.

Fly Club

Committee Recommends Honor Council Help Enforce Social Group Penalties

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana has tasked the Honor Council with enforcing the College’s historic penalties on members of single-gender social groups.

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Searching for David

As soon as I grew old enough to understand what the death of my brother meant, I became obsessed with other people’s siblings.


Amazon Service Glitch Downs Canvas, Alarms Students

The disruption in Amazon’s web services, which began at noon and lasted for roughly five hours, temporarily downed large swathes of the Internet, including popular sites Netflix, Airbnb, and Slack, The Seattle Times reported.

Students Rally Against Sexual Assault

'A Box to be Checked': Harvard College's Sexual Assault Prevention Efforts

The College’s informal relationship with the 12 Houses, along with a perceived lack of staff and resources, has complicated its ability to implement the task force's recommendations.

University Hall

Committee Recommends Stricter Social Group Penalties

Under guidelines proposed by the committee, members of single-gender social organizations would be barred from several more post-graduate fellowships.

Students Rally Against Sexual Assault
Central Administration

Harvard's Sexual Assault Prevention Efforts: 11 Months Later

Many of a University-wide task force's recommendations for preventing sexual assault at Harvard remain unfulfilled.

“House Master” Title Change

Mather House Exhibit Scrutinizes Slaveholding Namesake’s Past

Mather House residents unveiled an exhibit scrutinizing the controversial past of House namesake Increase Mather, a former Harvard president and slaveholder.